New shirtdress = retail therapy!

  1. OK, with all my crap of late I broke down and hit the mall today (Bellevue Square). As much as I wanted to go berkserk (Fendi watch, another pair of Choos and a black Miu Miu leather Coffer that I about fainted over), I held my ground and kept it a lil' more practical:


    this is a black shirtdress from Nordstrom's Classiques line (their own label). I've got interviewing coming up this summer and it's about half the price of a new Theory pantsuit I'm eyeing. This is a great cut and super flattering with NO button gapping (huge pet peeve of mine). It's cut very generously, so if you've got curves and booty like I do no matter my size it's a great one to check out.

    I had my LV Trouville today and I hafta admit it looked smashing with this dress!!

    New dress, my black Choos and a killer bag - hire me, hire me! :tup:
  2. cute!!! been looking for one myself. My petpeeve is most shirt dresses are easily wrinkled material and looks all wrinkled by end of day....hows that one??
  3. ^^ I hear you! this is a rayon/poly/spandex blend and has a good heft but not too shiney or polyester looking if that makes sense.

    I always do a 'squeeze test' of clothing, crumpling it in my hand to see how much it wrinkles and how much it springs back. This fabric passed my test! also, black helps hide any potential wrinkles too.
  4. I love it!
  5. Gorgeous!!

    I'd say it's a done deal! :yes:
  6. I've been noticing a few shirt dresses this season and I think it's a nice silouette. Rebecca and Drew have a very pretty one, quite similar to the one you bought.

    They're clean and classy. Congratulations! Good choice!
  7. I love it! Good choice :smile:
  8. Very Cute!
  9. Very cute! I buy a lot from Classiques.
  10. It's cute! I've never looked at that line, I'll have to check them out.
  11. Very cute, it is quite DVF which is a great thing IMO!
  12. yes, i second the shirtdress! i have at least 7 (for the past few years) in varying lengths/styles and different fabrics-purchased from several stores. i love how they fit!!!!
  13. Very cute- I like it alot!
  14. cute! i need one of these for work
  15. That is so cute, I love it!!