New Shipping Rates - Buy or Ship NOW - USPS

  1. Just a reminder that the new rates go into effect shortly. This means that if you are buying larger items like briefcases and totes, it could seriously increase the cost of shipping your items.

    Make sure you adjust the shipping in your listings.

    Buyers - don't be shocked by how much the rates will be going up.

    Oh and if you think sellers were shoving items into small boxes before, it will be worse now. An 18X18X6 box will be caclulated as weighing 11 lbs instead of the actual weight of maybe 5-6 lbs.
  2. Wow, I think this is going to hurt business for sellers. USPS has always been an affordable option, especially for Global Express compared to Fed Ex or UPS. For the price increase, it may be worth using UPS or Fed Ex instead on certain shipments. If prices are comparable, the service and tracking is no where near as good from USPS.
  3. At least the priority mail flat rate envelopes + boxes still exist!!!
  4. Yeah, thank GOD! That's small comfort when we're going to be paying through the nose to ship anywhere outside the U.S.! lol!
  5. I frequently buy from the US, so this will be a pain. but honestly, I have been charged $45 many times and when I see the actual postage most of the time it doesn't come up to $25.

    so do you reckon it will increase a lot more than the $45?
  6. I wish I would have seen this before I just listed a purse that sold. It ended up costing me $27.00 with insurance for a 15 x 12 x 10 box that was only 4 lbs. I was astonished!! I only charged $15.00 to the buyer for it so I'm out $12.00. This stinks!