New shipment of Oxbood/Grenat City bags

  1. I just spoke with Daphne at BNY and she said that they got a new shipment of oxblood City bags. According to her, this batch of bags was totally different from the early ones and are tdf Apparently they wowed everyone there when they took them out out the boxes. :nuts: She said the leather was gorgeous, the color very saturated and said it looked like a deep burgundy wine. Has anyone seen these?
  2. OHHH- sounds awesome! Thanks for the report!
  3. Thanks for the report -- someone please buy one and post pics!
  4. hahahaha ^^^ i was going to write that!
  5. Hiya, Powderpuff! You recently posted a pic of an Oxblood/Grenat City and a Blue India wallet from Balenciaga NY(in another thread in the general Balenciaga subforum). Was the Oxblood City in the pic from this new shipment with the gorgeous leather? TIA!:heart:
  6. ^Pupster, I was wondering the same thing! :yes: The color looks gorgeous, and they seem to have corrected the "white edging" problem of their previous stock.
  7. Hi pupster,
    Yes, it was. According to her the saturation and the richness of the color are incredible. She also said that the leather itself was really fabulous. I am thinking they must be pretty nice for the SA's there to all give that batch a big WOW. :yes:
  8. Hey fayden let's go check them out this weekend!!! :graucho:
  9. Lucky girls. Take pictures for us non NY'ers. :yes: :yes: