New Shipment of Novak Bag

  1. Count me among those mesmerized by Alexander McQueen's Novak bag. I called AMcQ in N.Y. last week and the SA said that they are getting a new shipment; no timeframe yet, but I got on the waiting list for a black or chocolate brown. They were expecting ~13 of each. I think I'm #14 for brown and #20 for black. So we'll see!
  2. ooo nice! I have yet to get into this bag, please post pics if you get it!
  3. I will absolutely post pics if I get it. People are mixed about this bag, some love it, others don't. I went nuts when I saw it on the blog (even more nuts than usual for handbags).
  4. I'm with you on the Novak. It's #1 on my most wanted list. I'm in love with the red and tan croc bags. They didn't say anything about those did they?
  5. Hi Meme - the SA didn't mention the croc styles, but I'm guilty of not asking. I would give them a call - I just googled "Alexander McQueen". I don't know how much the crocs are - the leathers ones are dear enough.
  6. I'm on the list for 3 colors so I will get whichever comes in first. I spole to them yesterday and the next shipment will be in a couple weeks but it is all sold out (I am #10 on a list of 10 for the black). I love this bag; it is so great for work if you have to wear a suit (and I am in court every day so it works perfectly). I cannot wait to get it!
  7. You got so lucky, 10th on a list for the 10th bag. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Novak Fendibadlady!
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