New shipment at Sacoche

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  1. I just received some pics from Irene of the new stock that arrived in the latest shipment. Unfortunately it's VERY limited.:sad: Only three new styles apparently...Small Heloise in Black Python, Vinyl Heloise in Bronze and Medium Odessa in Gold. They've also got a few Paddy keyrings and bag charms. If anyone wants to see pics, feel free to PM me with your email address and I'll send them on.
  2. WHOO boy - that is a VERY limited selection?! Maybe all the gals in that part of the world are buying up the stock faster than we can?
  3. I was at the boutique, and saw the vinyl Heloise in black. I thought I would hate it.....but irl, :heart::heart::drool:, and it is a whole lot lighter than the regular leather. If you don't look closely, would've swear that is patent leather, very beautiful!! I can't wait to get email from Sacoche, I'll bet bronze color is lovely too. Saw the Odessa as well, and that bag looks much better irl than on photo....:drool: :drool:...I am now swimming in a pool of my ****....:roflmfao:seriously now, in a ban....Maria, where are you??? You are supposed to help with a ban here.
  4. I think Maria gave up on us, :wonderingwe're a weak bunch when it comes to a good deal or a beautiful handbag.......:girlsigh:
  5. Well my last deal on the patent heloise for $599 (from $2100) spoiled me I can't pay full price for a bag and only want really AMAZING deals.

    I'll work on this ban with you becuase its gonna be a while before I can get more amazing deals....
  6. I'm with you, Mona. These last incredible deals I got - the 50% off and no tax on the patent dome Paddy and the 75% off on the gold Bay really make me hate to go anywhere near full retail. If you can wait it out the item always shows up - CHEAP! Pretty much always.....which is why I sprung for the Bluefly price on the red Heloise. Where were those 10% off coupons I used to get out of the wazoo when I needed them???
  7. Oh I know...last year I even had a 20% off coupon from bluefly...those are long gone but it doesn't seem like the bulk of their inventory is going anywhere anytime soon!:tdown:
  8. Those Bluefly discounts are hard to come by, I did have one from a while back that I didn't use and they allowed me to use it when I make a purchase, somehow it's keyed into my account. Have you noticed when they do have an additional % off, the good bags disappear until the sale is over. Think they are trying to clear out older inventory.

    And, YES, it is really hard to pay full price, I, like the rest, have got some really great deals over the past few months, and it was a killer to pay full price for the purple Heloise, but I think, like the red leather one, it's going to be hard to find on sale.
  9. OK, girls, this might break your cc...I forgot to post this last night...Chloe Boutique might be willing to take 20% off the Heloise. I spoke with Anne (or Anna:confused1:) yesterday, and mentioned all of the promotion to her, and she mentioned that she might talk to her manager re: giving a 20% discount. I got a slightly better deal from Josh at bloomies for mine, a little over $400 off with GC and all, but if you do not have a boutique in your city, this is (maybe) as good as Bluefly.

    I tell you, I almost got the gold Heloise (small one) on the spot....:drool:

    Anne's phone number, in case anyone interested: 714-481-0308.
  10. That is a good deal--even with the tax I saved from buying mine from BG, it's still a couple of hundred savings, maybe I'll call BG and ask them to price match??

    Is the gold TDF??
  11. The gold is TDF:drool::drool:, so is the gold saskia:drool::drool:
  12. Hey Mona, so how is the Heloise doing? :tup:
  13. Its big yet great....can't seem to let it go, so its staying for now!
  14. So Tag - any plan for the credit???
  15. You may well ask wouldn't believe how many times I've emailed Irene this week:cursing:.

    I decided to order the Prune Heloise. I'm not 100% sure about the colour:s, although I was rather taken with it when I saw it IRL :love:. There was nothing that caught my fancy in the new (tiny) shipment and I hummed and haa-ed about the Canon Heloise, but the colour on the Sacoche photo is so unclear that I didn't want to take the chance of getting yet another bag sent over that I didn't really like and I don't seem to be able to find a Canon IRL to check out. Anyway, assuming I ever receive the Prune :rolleyes:, I could always sell it if we don't bond.

    So I've been trying to organise the despatch of this bag all week and playing cat and mouse with Irene via email. Sometimes she replies and sometimes she doesn't, but we never seem to be able to get to the stage where the bag is actually shipped out to me:hysteric:.

    I really have lost the will to live with this situation . It's nearly FOUR :wtf: months since I sent the elephant sized Quilted Bay back and got the store credit. Not sure what to do next :shrugs:...there's certainly no point me sending any more emails to Irene....I think I'll just leave it be for a while and maybe try and contact the manager at Sacoche when I've got the inclination and strength to do so without blowing my top :censor:.