New shipment arrived at Wall St 2/6/08

  1. Just spoke with an SA at Wall Street, she said a new shipment arrived on 2/6/08 and she's still checking the inventory. Go take a look and report back on any new items!
  2. wish i were there, wall st always has good stuff...
  3. Hope some of the lovely bags end up with tPFers here.
  4. any news on what wall street got in?

    I am betting that store got more birkins in! haha wall street is like birkin heaven from what i've read on the forum so far.

    willl wall street do a phone order & ship if you've never bought from there before?
  5. Great question, I was thinking about the same thing... Does anyone know?
  6. i asked a similar question in the inventory update page and unfortunatly for both us of the answer is "no"...

    haha the ladies were making a joke about how even if Jane Birkin herself called the answer would still be no.

    *sigh* the things we have to deal with for loving Hermes... hahaha
  7. Thanks Lux! ah....... I was hoping :girlsigh:
    ok, the hunt continues....
  8. If you don't have a relationship with an SA at Wall Street they won't even tell you if they have the bag, let alone sell it to you over the phone.
  9. Yup! They have new stock. They just don't tell all and they do read posts here.
  10. Wall st store has really great stock. They have wonderful RTW selections:heart:, but they often carry big sizes:sad:...Hermes RTW is just heavenly~!:love: