new shimmy Tote

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009

    Eggshell tumbled sheep leather tote with silver-tone hardware. Mulberry tote has double straps with oversized ring fastening, a removable designer embossed tag and a detachable buckle shoulder strap.

    £778 wow thats a lot on money but it looks really nice its tumbled (what ever that means)

    other pics of it here.( but i think nap has the name wrong as they are diffrent bags)
  2. I saw this in Bond St on Saturday, it is very smooshy and sits on the shoulder beautifully but I think colour transfer would be an issue...for me at least. I think this bag would need to be treated very carefully in order to retain its good looks.
  3. Its a 'high maintenance' bag I think!!!

    Nice though - but not for me! I throw my bags around too much!
  4. These dogtag style charms they putting on these shimmy bags are huge, christ if u knocked that on paint work of a car, it would cause damage !!!
  5. they have this on nap site also. Modelling pic included :tup:
  6. It looks beautiful and if money were no object, I'd buy one. However, practicalitywise, I doubt it would stay looking good for long. Chances are colour transfer will be a big issue. Shame.
  7. It really looks like a Miu Miu to me.
  8. Looks nice but very delicate. Certainly not a work-bag!!