New set?

  1. For those of you who have acrylic nails, how often do you guys get a new set? I generally get a fill every 2 weeks, but after a while the white grows out too much (i always do the white tips..i love the french manicure look) so I always get a new set. i'm just curious to see what the average time for a set is.
  2. I guess every 12 weeks or so? Not really sure. I get a fill every 3 weeks (yes I know I wait too long). It depends, I guess. Sorry I'm not much help.
  3. I get filled every two weeks. Soak them off every 8 weeks and a new set applied.:cutesy:
  4. I have the pink/white and want to get a new set so that my own nails get cut down but it hurts so much to have them removed and after the new set is applied it still hurts for a day. Any way to avoid this? (my own nails must be VERY thin, I guess.)
  5. I was getting a new set about every 8 weeks, but this last time I just had the technician give me a french manicure instead. I usually just like to fill, buff and go though.

  6. Have them soaked off with acetone (sp?) It takes about a half hour or so.
  7. I get a new set with French tips every fourth appointment (approx 10 weeks). I get them airbrushed French in between.
  8. My nail tech redoes the white part every time I go in! It is great...I don't have the outgrowth problem. It costs a bit more, but it looks so much better.
  9. I get my refills done every two weeks and my nail lady redoes the white inlay every time, only costs a few extra $.
  10. I got a set put on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I just got a new set put on a week ago. I just get plain acrylic and if I want french mani I get airbrush. I usually get a new set whenever they start breaking a lot or lifting.
  11. When I used to get them done in a mall place that used those little drills I'd get a new set maybe every three months. Now I go to a salon and have them done with pink and white and she doesn't use drills. She used a file. What is underneath is my real nail. They hold up a lot better this way and there is no new set to get. My nails just grow and she files down the stuff and puts new white on the tip and pink over it.
  12. hmm, i never thought of asking them to do that

  13. Generally get white tips, once they have grown out (where the nail is all mine) i go about 1 or 2 visits after then get them replaced for new. I would say aobut every 4 months they get replaced with a new set.
  14. If you have full acrylic then just get them back fulled every second fill. When i say back fill ( they may call it rebalanced) is redoing the white along with the fill.

    if you get tips with arcylic overlay, do the same. I get mine airbrushed before they fill. This way my white doesnt chip.