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  1. I don't think this bag is authentic. Stay away from it....
  2. Thanks! But just out of curiosity, why do you think it's a fake?
  3. I am sorry -- I am not a DB expert either. I shouldn't say it is not authentic since I have never own one, instead, I should say this sell is questionable. Its condition is questionable. It says condition is great, but didn's indicate the inperfection parts and there is no photos.

    I apologize for my too-quick conclusion. You may consider to by it from dooney directly so the bag you receive will be new and authentic guaranteed.

  4. Dont be sorry! Like I said too, im not expert either! I dont even own a D&B :p

    But I think we can all agree that the OP should just be careful, as this person has literally no history!
  5. I didn't buy it. The fact they they are new really bothered me. I know that everyone has to be new sometime, but I wasn't prepared to take that risk!
  6. There is absolutely no selling on tPF! Please read the forum rules.
  7. ^you can't buy and sell here outside the marketplace, not even by PM.
  8. The bag has been relisted, and has lots of photos. I often give new sellers a chance, because everyone starts with zero feedback. If you pay with PP, you're covered. And it's not an enormous amount of money either. Maybe you can email her to start a dialog and see what she's like?