New seller here, why are my pics sideways?

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  1. Hi All!

    I'm a new eBay seller and I just put a couple of items up for auction for the very first time. I've searched this forum as well as eBay but I can't for the life of me find the answer or figure out why the pics in my auction that should be vertical are coming up horizontally! It looks like my stuff is defying gravity!

    Can anyone help? The pics show up correctly on my computer but not in the auction.

    Also, I've read this forum pretty extensively and have gotten pretty freaked out about selling on eBay. I've done my homework and am being very careful per everyone's fantastic suggestions! I was just wondering if a lot of these problems happen more to the buying/selling of high-end items. I'm just looking to sell some clothes and not as expensive bags. Not that I won't be careful but do y'all think that perhaps I'm less of a target since my auctions are in the $15-$200 range?

    Thanks so much in advance!
  2. That's mystifying. Contact Live Help. I'm sure they'll be of help. Sorry I couldn't be.
  3. Are you on a Mac? This happens to me too. I can't rotate the pictures and have them correctly show up in my auctions. What I wind up doing to taking the pictures so that I don't have to rotate them and they show up correctly.
  4. ^I am on a mac! I had wondered if that had something to do with it. So does that mean you take all of your pictures so that horizontal is the correct way to show them? It's comforting that I'm not the only one--thanks lorihmatthews!
  5. What program are you using to rotate them? I am also on a mac, but I have not had this problem. I use photoshop. You may not be have access to it, but there are at least 2 programs on your mac that you could use to rotate pics -- preview and iphoto -- so I'd try using whichever one you haven't been using and see if that fixes your problem.
  6. I'm not using any program...well, iphoto I guess. The confusing part is that iphoto automatically adjusts my pictures so that they show up on the screen the correct way. So I could rotate them in iphoto but then they would look crooked...but then perhaps they will upload correctly. Agh! It's so silly but so annoying! Perhaps I'll try that tonight.

    I had also emailed ebay and got a very nice and what seemed like a very detailed email back. However, it didn't help.
  7. I think iphoto is your problem. Open the pic up in preview and use it to rotate, and then save. I bet that will fix it.
  8. I also started using Photobucket, which seems to alleviate the problem. I don't have Photoshop, it kind of intimidates me.
  9. I use iPhoto to make small cropping, rotations. I use Photoshop to watermark. I never have this problem and I'm also on a Mac. How are you listing? I mostly use a great Mac program called GarageSale and you can choose your pics straight from iPhoto with it, and they look exactly the way they look in iPhoto. I've also tried iSale and use it some, but like GarageSale better.

    If you are using eBay's listing tool, my thought is when you are browsing for your pics on your hard drive, you are choosing them from the iPhoto Originals folder. You need to choose from the iPhoto Modified folder as that will show the rotated pics (or any other changes you've made to the originals).
  10. I just tried Litigatrix's suggestion which seemed great and simple but it's not working:sad: When I get over my current frustration I'll try those two other ideas. Thanks so much for the tips!
  11. kmroboto - if you are wiling to give me the steps you are going through to list, I'm sure we could troubleshoot it. For example: 1. Use eBay Selling Form 2. Click on Load picture from my hard drive 3. choose my iPhoto folder. Not saying that's how you do your listing, but some of those details would help us to help you. :smile:
  12. Sorry it didn't work! That problem does seem really annoying. I hope you figure out the problem.
  13. You're so sweet! I definitely have a few more things to try before I bother you, but thank you so much for the offer! What a boring subject, right? But it's so irritating! I like the photo hosting idea, I may try one of those next time (if these auctions go well and there is a next time!)
  14. For anyone who's using Windows 10, it has the same problem as well. Here's how to fix the JPG auto-rotate problems with Windows 10. You can use MS Paint to open up each photo and save it, which gets really tedious. Or you can use a batch program that auto-rotates all the photos for you in one go (as suggested by the article above). Good luck!
  15. You need to edit your photos to insure they end up how you want them......I use Ribbet and it's free and easy. You can rotate them, sharpen the image, crop them, etc.