New season, where do you put last seasons clothes?

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  1. So now summer is over I don't know whether I should store my summer clothes and if I should how or where I should store them or do I just keep them in my wadrobe?

    I don't have masses of clothes but I guess there's no point in me having short sleeve cardies to hand etc when I know I wont where them for months!!

    What do you guys all do?:smile:
  2. i keep all my clothes (regardless of season) in my closet. it gets pretty packed in there, but if i store my off season clothes in bins somewhere, i'll never take them back out. i also layer a lot, so i find that even during winter, i still use my tanks and tees.
  3. I keep them in my closet, but move them to the back.
  4. I had another dresser in my bedroom a few years ago that was moved to the attic. Now I put last season's clothes in its drawers!
  5. Same thing here.
  6. i keep them unless i dont like them or use them..i give them away/ salvation army etc
  7. Same
  8. I keep them in the closet, or if I am moving (which I constantly am), I leave them packed in boxes or in other closets.
  9. I keep my out of season clothes in a closet we don't use, wool clothes in a suitcase in the same closet so the moth will not get them .
  10. I sort all clothes that are past season and vacumm pack them. Those that I like so much I just keep it in my closet.
  11. I keep the off-season clothes packed away in suitcases, except coats/jackets which I keep hanging year round.
  12. NYC apt. no space. box everything.
  13. I put my off-season clothes in the guest bedroom closet..that is where I keep my coats too..I just rotate my clothes when the seasons works out good and forces me to weed through them twice a year....hehe constantly creating more room to buy more!
  14. I use the closets in the guest bedroom. I also have a habit of leaving things in our other house (which is in another country) so that I don't need to constantly travel with so much clothes all the time.
  15. I put my summer clothes in bins. One for pants and one for shirts. I go through them at the end of the season and sort through what is outdated or I don't like anymore and give them to charities...