New season- the roxette

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  1. As happened with the Cara this style has grown on me. I think it looks refined and uncluttered and I like that a lot, and I also think that's why the Bayswater is such a timeless style. I do hope that Mulberry do a similar update of the Alexa / satchel bag, I think that would be very interesting.
  2. It would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things and love that we all like different styles.

    However the one point I will not shift from is that Mulberry has,since 2010, been using very inferior split hide leathers while hiking up prices. The number of posts and threads that refer to bags bring returned after failing in a few months are numerous.

    During my visit to the Rookery in 2008 when I was there to receive my gift from the Mulberry Chairman, ie my bespoke Oak Kenya Roxanne, I had a full factory tour. The operations manager was delightful as was everyone, the lady who plaited the Daria straps even plaited my hair for me! What I did learn was that complicated designs are too expensive to make in UK. Ie assembly hours per bag are calculated and the higher hours bags with more parts or details are now packed off to China.

    I love everyone's choices and I respect their reasons behind their choices but for me, the new excessively high prices are not in keeping with the lesser quality.

    PS there is a reason for the use of microfiber aka fake suede and that is cost. The hide has been shaved into multiple layers making it so flimsy and thin that there is no nap left to create the suede finish and hence the fake suede,sorry microfiber, is stuck on to it. This is what I expect from Debenham or marks & Spencer but not supposed premium designers who are changing £500+ for the privilege!
  3. I don't like micro fibre either, and I won't be buying any bags with it, but there are lots of posts on this forum about bags being too heavy and I think that's one of the reasons the changes have been made, unfortunately.
  4. When I first saw the Roxette I didn't think it was too bad. Having now seen it in the flesh, I think it looks flimsy and cheap. I don't think the very narrow flap will be comfortable or hold it securely. It will flap about like the Willow. I think it's quite bulky and the shape is too deep for me.

    I can't help but feel the Jamie looks just like a horse feed bag. :tdown:
  5. Both look like cheap high street copy bags imo ok but nothing special and not worth the price
  6. Well that's that then
  7. ???????

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion surely? Im not a fan of newer mulberry styles leathers etc but im also not a fan of bal LV Hermes etc and quite happy about that too...each to their own
  8. I think it might be a very handy side effect of financial savings, providing an excellent "get out of jail free card" in terms of marketing.... ;)

    Doesn't mean that this won't appeal to many folk. I definitely struggle to carry heavier bags, but personally would prefer either all leather/suede or a quality cotton/fabric lining. :smile:
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    I think the Rose Petal Shearling is very pretty, really cute but sure it will get very dirty, probably before you've got your £1350 value out of it

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  10. I knew it reminded me of something!

    So that's a neigh from you then?

    :roflmfao: I know I'll get my coat....
  11. :lol: yes a definite Neigh from me

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  12. I know this ones a bit flimsy but you can get better quality ;)

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  13. :thinking:

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  14. Easy to see the difference by the Mulberry fob

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  15. Genius. Love this. Has given me a hearty laugh today! :biggrin:
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