New season- the roxette

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  1. I really liked the Mulberry Roxette when i saw it, it looked very classy. I think i will end up buying one soon. I just have to decide which color i want. :graucho: I have never owned a Mulberry bag so the Roxette or Lily will be my first bag, very excited, can't wait. :smile:
  2. All the best to you, very difficult to catch the "right" colour....when you bought one, please do a Reveal! :smile:
  3. I loved the look of the Roxette when they first showed us them. Then I went off it. Then I saw it (in a photo) in the midnight blue croc and loved it again. Then I wasn't so sure. Then the oxblood croc came along and I love it again! I really want to see a reveal with some proper modelling shots to decide I think. So can somebody please hurry up and buy one... Lol
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    Lol sounds like the bag isn't for you. The first time i saw this bag was in a store a couple of days ago and i fell in love with the croc embossed mole grey color. Then i looked online at pictures of the Roxette just to get a second opinion before i purchase. Once i saw photos online i knew this was a bag i definitely wanted in my collection. I love the croc and ostrich versions of the bag. :love:

    I don't think anyone on the Mulberry forum has purchased this bag yet as it is a very new bag, but i'll post some pics here from the Mulberry website to show how the bag looks, if that helps. :smile:
  5. Here are a few photos of the new Mulberry Roxette in black croc print and black calfskin. Photos are from the official Mulberry site.

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    Here are a few photos of the Nubuck leather Mulberry Roxette in the Croc Embossed Mole Grey color. This is the color i am interested in purchasing, really need a nuetral grey color in my wardrobe.

    Photos from Mulberry's official website.

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  7. This is my favorite Mulberry Roxette bag. The Roxette in Oxblood Ostrich leather, however, i am not willing to spend 5000 British Pounds on this bag. Photos from

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  8. A few more photos of the Mulberry Roxette, including Georgia May Jagger carrying it in the croc embossed Camel color.

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  9. It was that oxblood ostrich that got the blood pumping first! But it's a little too much for me too!

    I think I need to see one in the flesh, as some of these photo's do look lovely. I was like this with the Cara to begin with, in fact I couldn't see any redeeming features for it. Now I own two of them - and I love them!

    There is definitely something about the Roxette which keeps me looking....
  10. The Cara bag didn't really jump out at me at first, but the more i see it online, the more i like it. I love the look of the Mulberry Cara, but have never seen one in real life which is why i have never pulled the trigger and purchased one. Maybe next time i visit London i can see one in the flesh. It seems like a very practical bag.

    I am still debating whether to purchase the grey croc Mulberry Roxette or the Celine ring bag, as they are similar shapes.
  11. As a confirmed classic Roxy girl and with the only croc print roxanne in the world, I simply cannot take to the Roxette.

    I'm going to be very candid:
    The styling, or lack of it, looks empty and unfinished rather than uncluttered. The details , cloche/strap over the top appear disproportionate.

    Im sensing that this bag will be very cheap to produce due to lack of detail and simplicity to assemble, will be made from shaved bonded leather (alexa) rather than full thickness hide nvt (original bays and roxanne) but mulberry will throw lots of freebies at z list celebrities to drive the buying public into a purchasing frenzy.

    I am so disappointed, I was hoping for a wonderful roxanne heir apparent.
  12. I love your candidness and agree, have you seen one in real life? Sooooo cheap feeling, really light and I think they have that horrible microfibre lining.

    Incidentally I was carrying my Emerald Roxy when I was looking so I could compare, there is NO comparison.
    And the price point made me near keel over!!!! A grand for the smallest one:lol: good one:lol::lol:
  13. Please give us all a treat Ellie and post a pic of your beautiful Roxanne .
    By the way I have a bucket list and to see your bag in real life is on it !!
  14. Hi Everyone,
    I have been reading the posts on this forum since last December and it is the first time I am sending a post. I have to say I enjoy reading them a lot and found many useful advices before purchasing my bags (though I already sold one but that's not the purpose).
    Please excuse my English as I am a French native speaker, using English for work and travelling only.
    I would like to reply on this post. I understand that some core fans of the brand don't like the new designs or material used for Mulberry's new bags but maybe some others do and have a real interest for what it does now.
    As an example, I like it when the leather of a bag is not too thick together with the microfibre lining. This way, bags are light and not killing my shoulders..
    I had found really nice the interest and the enthusiasm of Miss World for this bag. The way she added the pictures from the M's site and commented them made me like this bag, though it was not the case when fist saw it.
    So please give us a rest.. And let us enjoy what the brand is doing now.
    Those are very classy bags made with care and good quality leathers and fabrics (and no, I am not a sales person :smile:
    I hope I am not offending anyone.. But I had to say it.
    Take care,
  15. 💖 I couldn' t better say it!
    The new customers, like me, don't know the older bags and fall in Love with the newer bags. They are better made than some other Highend Brands. The price are much less than a LV Speedy in Canvas.
    Please, don't understand me wrong....but in my eyes is Mulberry doing a good job! They also understood to make the Bag not longer anywhere than in U.K.
    I am also NOT a sales person.
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