New season- the roxette

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  1. Thought I'd share with you lovelies this pic from the mulberry Instagram acc I just saw- I like it!! Think it'll be lovely in black and oxblood, and may be a bit more lightweight than the Bayswater?

  2. And they posted this too- the Jamie: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422455500.907369.jpg
  3. Hmmm, not sure about that. I think I would like it more if the strap over the front was bigger and the cloche was the more rounded, traditional, shape you get on other styles. I may yet change my mind! I like the colour of the Jamie, if that strap is adjustable that will be worth a look
  4. i know what you mean- it doesn't really look like a mulberry bag- maybe a bit YSL? cant wait to see it irl :smile:
  5. Love the Jamie, but not sold on the Roxette; it's very square/angular for a Mulberry & the cloche looks wrong to me.
  6. Thank you for posting! Now I know the name of the bag (Roxette) I liked the most on the pre-fall pics. Hm. Can't really decide if I like it on this picture, though. I'm very curious how it might look irl...

    Thanks again for posting!
  7. Thanks for sharing these with us.:smile:

    2nd bag seems like it will be popular.
    1st bag--I question a couple things: a) buckling strap closure may be annoying to some (as with cambridge satchel)
    b) with no postman lock, what's the purpose of the padlock/cloche?

    Sure an irl look will help.
  8. Ha ha filofax bag from many years ago has been copied by mulb....

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  9. You are absolutely right about the padlock. :biggrin: I didn't realise that! :biggrin: So funny. Perhaps there is a postman lock hiding inside?
  10. Bag 1....... Rather anonymous IMO....... Doesn't shout 'Mulberry' who would know its a designer bag?

    Bag2 ........will have to see irl and a different colour and of course three price!
  11. Ooh and another pic- a new cara range? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422468869.266356.jpg
  12. I like the hearts and lion rivets :smile: can't work out the colour though- maybe oxblood?
  13. I love your taste Ludmilla :smile: I thought the same, I really liked it in Oxblood.

    But now seeing the cloche I'm not sure anymore. Well, guess we'll have to see how it looks in person :smile: I'm gonna let you know as soon as Mulberry hast it! (will take some time though.....)

  14. Thank you, MissStephie. Your taste is also excellent. Hahaha. How fun that you don't like it in this light colour, too. There was a pic of the bag in black. It looked really nice ( and I'm not the biggest fan of black bags). I'm really curious, what you can report back in a few months. :smile:
  15. I've got to say neither do anything for me at all..
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