New season/release..what r u getting?

  1. I am soooo excited about the new releases/season of upcoming bags....this time, finally, LV has some great and wonderful pieces and its hard to just get one...which is all I can get really...:crybaby:

    So whats your plan? What are you waitlisted for? Whats your favorite upcoming piece?

    Share with me.....:drool:

    For me, its the new Damier bag, called just handbag pm in the look book, the one that looks like the Marc Jacobs bag a bit....cant wait!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm waitlisted for the mirage speedy and I definitely want a bag in the new black denim.
  3. Nothing.

    My mom is getting some amarante wallet, if that counts, and we will end up sharing it.

    But Im still vying for the MC Speedy, Graffiti, and Perfo.
  4. Well... I am waitlisted for the amarante cles, bracelet, and ring. Also waitlisted for the much awaited/desired miroir lockit, as well as the lvoe mono bag, and per hubby's request the sargeant. Other things I'm waiting for but there's not exactly a list for is that newer keyring that has the circles with pink and yellow lv flowers. It's not in at the store I shop at yet. There are a few other pieces I have my SA looking for but they are not newer pieces. That's why I'm so giddy waiting for all these things!
  5. Wow...those all sound so pretty, and you have alot on your list...

    Dang..where is that freakin money
  6. The mirage line is really stunning....the SAs were all commenting on to see one in real life.....

    Oooo, black denim...sounds so nice....:yes:
  7. mirage speedy
    nimbus pm (not sure which shade)
    reade pm in amarante

    i'm hoping i can get both LEs.
  8. Things that I thought I should have gotten a call about by now...
    Fleurs keyring
    Amarante Reade PM
    Amarante Inclusion ring
    Amarante Inclusion bangle
    Amarante Inclusion Speedy keyring
  9. amarante pagase, sunset blvd, jewelry, a french wallet if there is one in the amarante.
    then, maybe a mirage bag....

    im in trouble...
  10. sunset blvd, and then depending on epi lockits and suhali speedies, we'll see.
  11. The epi lockits.....:drool:
  12. Amarante Zippy Wallet hopefully next month.
  13. Black denim!
  14. Amarante Zippy
    Berkeley (Damier)
    Fleurs Keyring
  15. Limelight