new season on!!

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  1. is it just me or does those prices seem cheap?
  2. I think the prices seem on par for the lack of features on a lot of these bags.

    Like the Bayswater pouch though :smile: And Crimson is nice too.
  3. serene, the bags are much simpler, I guess, but yes, the prices seem more reasonable :yahoo: I love the Jenah pouch - I really like it in the blue colour (large blue Jenah is online at JulesB if anyone wants to see the colour). £395 seems very reasonable for this size of bag :yes:

    As suspected, the bag I've been lusting after (the metallic hobo that was in those catwalk pics) isn't the Shimmy hobo :Push: It must be the Mabel hobo - not that I've even heard of the Mabel hobo. However, it's got the Mabel luggage tag and two zips on the front. I'm definitely keen on this for my summer bag - hope it makes it onto the Mulberry site soon so I can check it out properly.

    I love ALL the shoes :heart: but sadly, they're too high for me. And I doubt they'd fit my wide feet either :crybaby:
  4. I love the taylor satchel in green, joelle in oak and the new hobo somerset.....and the shoes...come to think of it I like everything !!

    I think i`m just bored and can`t wait for summer !!!
  5. This is the bag that I'm in love with - I'm guessing it's a Mabel hobo but if anyone can confirm this (and the cost :nuts:) please let me know:

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  6. Oooh, I love the small Mabel shoulder bags and the bangles as well :heart:

    Congrats to Mulberry on what looks like a great new collection :yahoo:
  7. I think I :love: the mabel hobo... If it comes in oak I'm going to run to the store!!
  8. that is def the mabel hobo - its really nice - its £695 ahhhhhhhh thats too much for a hobo!!! I really like the mitzy messanger - but i'm not sure about the gold mulberry thing on the bottom - maybe a bit bling for me.
    I absolutely love the Mabel hobo (hoping it'll come in colours) also the Mitzy messenger in aqua. In fact I could buy that right now but that would break my vow not to pay full price but I WANT THAT BAG!
    I really like the lipstick colour, it looks a more orangey pink.
  10. Love this too, great colour

  11. I know I said that I'm going to buy another brand bags on this year but.. but.. :P I love the lila shimmy tote!
  12. this does not look good for us............i wasnt going to buy any more bags this year - now i'm getting excited bout all these new ones!!!!!