New Season of Making the Band

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  1. Tuesdays 9pm

    Im not sure what season it is, probably season 5.2??

    Anyway, looks like the boys and girls are gonna be living together again.

    and in a clip, I saw Diddy and Laurie Ann talking to each other ---> "U disrespected me. No, u disrespected me".

    anyone else gonna watch this?
  2. I will and i'm not sure why I can't stand Aubrey! I saw a clip of her and Diddy arguing.
  3. Idk but Aubrey got a new hair color this season. I guess she wanted a change.
  4. she still looks hoochie mama. Aundrea is my fav, and Shannon. I liked Aubrey-pre Danity Kane, but now she just rubs me the wrong way
  5. I really don't like Aubrey either. Maybe this is why...

  6. i don't care for aubrey either. she acts like she is just trying to be too sexy. IMO

    Q and Dawn are still together.. or so i saw in a clip.
  7. i was really into the show a few seasons ago... not so much anymore. my favorites are Aundrea and Dawn! i might end up catching a few episodes anyway just to see how if it's interesting or entertaining enough to keep watching.
  8. Sums it up for me:yes:
  9. ^LOL Hot Mess!!! I loved her but not so much now. She was put in the group because of her it factor, and she is really ruining it now with her appearance. Why cant she lose the wigs and excessive eye liner??

    I love Aundrea though and Shannon. I will be watching!
  10. she looks like the cotton candy machine blew up
  11. It looks like she lost a battle with wrapping paper.
  12. Can't stand Aubrey! She always comes across a super fake.

    I'm surprised to see Laurie Ann back this season!
  13. My gripe is can they keep us entertained by just doing that whole "cameras following them around while they record a new album" kinda thing?! I don't exactly wanna see a new band formed cause we all know that the best ppl don't make the band, only ppl that Diddy likes makes the band, and plus everyone starts looking and sounding the same after a while.

    But what direction can they take with this?
  14. ITA re: Aubrey. She was OK pre-Danity Kane, but now she is just trying way to hard. I'll probably watch because it's Diddy and no one does over the top ridiculousness like Puff! Also, I can't wait to see how Laurie Ann makes it back into the fold. Love her!
  15. I had no idea they were coming out with ANOTHER season of this show until I saw the preview for it yesterday.

    I agree with everyone on this thread - Aubrey was my favorite on the season when they were trying out for Danity Kane. After she made the group she changed and on the last season she just seemed very snooty. She let the fame get to her head and it shows! Her hair and makeup look HORRIBLE!

    As for Day 26 and Donnie...I don't really have much of an opinion on them yet. I downloaded the Day 26 album and it wasn't as good as Danity Kane's.

    In a clip on the preview I saw Laurie Ann and she was saying "I bet you all are surprised to see me" MY JAW DROPPED! I never thought she would come back to the show!!