New Season. New Colour?

  1. Hi,

    A friend of mine has a black 'Stam' she brought a few months ago and the inside its a reddish/purple colour.

    But now ive noticed fall season bags have a Beige interior.

    Just wondering does Marc Jacobs change the interior colour of their bags very season?
  2. I'm not sure if MJ will change it every season (I guess it depends on whether he will continue the Stam after this season), but so far, in the last few seasons, he's gone from suede (in the burgundy/purple, ivory, and blue depending on the color of the Stam) to beige/off-white linen/cloth. If it continues in the resort or spring collections, it may change, but I don't really know.
  3. I was talking to my SA at Nordstrom. She was saying she found out the the Stam bags will have suede linings, but only at the MJ boutiques. I guess the larger dept. stores will only carry the canvas lining. Sounds like what MJ did with the matte vs. the icy leather.