New Season Miu Miu's

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the new season bows?

    Details like what kind of hardware, any current colours. Maybe anyone has experienced any problems with the sealent etc as we have seen before?

    Im thinking I would love to see a navy/blue bow, with gold hardware? Not sure it that will be any good, but it might make a nice change from black? I dont really like the nero in the distressed leather to be honest, much prefer the first seasons.

    Thank you!
  2. Sealant cracks are bound to happen. It's just a matter of time. It's only less noticeable on darker colour bows.

    When I last went to Bond St Miu Miu, they had tan and milk tea colour bow. Both with gold hardware.
  3. Yeah thats very true. Just some people seem to have had major problems with it, others not so much so was just wondering.

    I just read in the 'problems and issues' thread that you have a bow in zaffiro. Thats the blue right? Sounds like a beaut. Any chance of seeing some photos?

  4. I like zaffiro a lot. It's from the 2nd season with silver hardware. The colour changes under different lighting. It looks almost black and sometimes navy. very easy to wear. I don't baby my bags personally. The colour on the edges are wearing off a bit. Sealant cracks where the bag folds. still within reasons to me.
  5. These pictures belong to Alice1979. They are very true representation of the zaffiro colour.

  6. there's a zaffiro with gold hardware from this season...not sure it will come back though
  7. There is a mini bow in Zaffiro with gold hardware. It could be a sign it is coming back.
  8. I don't think Zaffiro went away completely but it became scarce but there are still bags around from season 3 in zaffiro...but this time with gold hardware....
  9. hsiaomee, thank you so much for the photos. love love love the colour. i think i might know what im hunting for.

    Zaffiro with gold hardware sounds perfect to me. i might have to ring around the London boutiques.

    Would you ladies advise to buy straight from miu miu, or is it better to buy from selfridges/harrods??
  10. If you are not 100% sure about the bag, it's better off to buy from selfridges/harrods/harvey nichols as you can get refund back to your card. The boutiques on Bond St and Westfield only allow return for exchange or credit notes.