New Season... How much is this???

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  1. Hi Chanel lovers, anyone know how much is this bag? Hopefully in Australia. Thanks
  2. I think it's still on the summer 2007... Not the fall?
  3. Summer 2007, what month is that? So no price?
  4. they don't have them out yet. But correct me if i'm wrong, classic flap are now around Au$ bet </~$3000.
  5. I hav ethis and its fabulous although some PFs dont seem to think so as they have named it the "weenus"
    I am not even going to address that nickname - it is a stunning bag - $1995 US - its not as big as in the photo posted - the photo looks streteched out so it looks bigger - its petite and the strap is not long either - its a gold/bronze patent - very cute - let me know if anyone wants one - my SA at NM can get it - it also comes in black patent but not as nice
  6. this should not be the classic flap as you will notice the detail around the flap closure - that is like a tiny chain bordering it - thats how I know its the bag I bought - the photo is from Sping/Summer 2007 section and its the small patent leather I just bought it
  7. Isen't that the weenus? A blog post is written on this in the purse blog. ;)
  8. here is a photo of the black patent - sorry its so big
    yes- its is what some are calling the "weenus" but I for one think its a great bag

  9. here is the gold - not too good of a photo

  10. Do a search with the correct name... Madison.
  11. yes - thats correct - thanks - its Madison - I better start remembering my own bags correct name :smile:
  12. ^^ lmao!!!!! omg u guys r too funny
  13. I LOVE the black patent madison.
  14. looks luke a wily i can't stop laughing lol
  15. why do some people call it the weenus?