New Season Dior Shoes!!

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  1. OMG!

    Have you seen the new season Dior shoes????
    I was just looking on and came across these!!!

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  2. Oh yes I have seen those and wanted them badly but hubby said I was crrrrazy... :girlwhack:

    Here are some of my favorites.

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  3. I love the heel!

    Its like a little antique dagger sheath!! I wonder how much they'll cost? I haven't seen them at the dept stores yet!
  4. I'm sure they will cost a kidney or two... ;)
  5. Wow, those are hot!!! :drool:
  6. LOVE those shoes, they are wicked hot - but not sure if I could walk in them... The way the toe pitches forward and the heel looks like it bends backwards...

    FD Dior Mom - Tell Dad you will lock him in the dungeon for calling you crazy!
  7. Those are the new Winter 2009 shoes... You should see the entire lookbook :graucho::drool:
  8. Some nice shoes there.

  9. shouldnt you be scanning it for us as we speak ? :graucho:
  10. *ahem*, what Dior top secret access things are we missing??? Eminere, are you teasing and taunting us?
  11. There are lots in store sssshhhhhh... :graucho:

  12. umm, no Dior in Denmark , hello? :crybaby::cry::shucks:
  13. sigh i don't like the new fall\winter.... :crybaby: shoes and bags are not bad but... i prefer the Pre-fall or Cruise
  14. Half of my shoes are pretty uncomfortable in the first place (ahem louboutins..)... I'll definitely need to get into a store and try them on / check out the lookbook !!!:graucho::graucho:
  15. they are gorgeous .i agree i dont know if i could walk with it either lol .

    if anybody try them please keep us track :coolio: