New Season CL's - Am I behind on this?

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  1. Just been hanging out on the NYC meet thread and note I am now totally in love with turquoise on top of my violet obsession.

    I may well have missed a thread about the new season unveil and I thought it hadn't happened yet - well in the UK. But I note you lovely New Yorkers are saying you did buy new season shoes.

    Do we have a definitive guide? I am personally interested in classic styles but in new colours (particularly that turquoise and my UHG - Violet/ or a light purple NOT the dark purple and also pastel pink). I know we unveiled a few not so exciting new styles a while back (Hyper Prive apart).

    So what colours does Monsieur Louboutin want us in for "spring"? Please say Violet. Or pastel pink. I will kiss you if you do :smooch:(don't let that put you off).

    And if I had to be specific - Rolandos. What did you guys spot and has the new season unveiled in the UK? :confused1:

    I am not wearing my full brain today (no big shock there) and have gone blind :Push: being on this forum all day so can't search through any more threads - sorry if this is a repeat and I am timewarped 4 weeks behind the rest of you.
  2. :drool::drool::drool::heart::heart: oh i love so many but i know i cant get any :crybaby::crybaby:
  3. #5 Jan 28, 2009
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    Thx so much Jet and Laureen. I can always count on you two! Drooling and random mad spending about to commence. Shoelover step away from the computer!!

    Is this US only as I don't think any UK ladies have metioned new CL's? Anyone in the UK been out and about?

    EDITED UPDATE - 30 seconds later I am already in love with something on the first page. God hlep me if I look at them all

    2nd Edited update - the feather shoes????????????? No Im sorry they are just wrong.

    3rd edited update - holy moly it just got worse. I am relatively safe I think.

    WRONG! 4th edited update: I totally LOVE the snakeskin heel pearly pink mule - what style is that, I need it.

    I am talking to myself here anyway but I seem to be enjoying it LOL
  4. ^^ Vee go and have a little nosey in the UK sales dates thread for a lil piece of UK action ;) :P yum yum
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    God I am getting myself all confused. Firstly I love a pair on the preview link Jet sent me but they don't have names and I need them! Secondly I have gone through so many pages of the thread lovely Laureen and Jaunty Jet sent me and I still can't find the reveal page (I am back to page 140 and am going blind) so could someone tell me:

    Was there an actual reveal on this thread or is it a case of keep going through looking at individual shoes. Just so I don't drive myself insane (which with me isn't hard)

    And thx Leescah I will go there next. Need 2 pairs definately already and want to pre-order - will UK do that yet? Maybe I should wait to March meet up.

    And while I am going mad, I know I asked you this ages ago Laureen but what is the shoe in your avatar, every time you post I nearly die of gorgeousness and I never noted it down
  6. No, there wasn't really a reveal page, there are individual shoes, and then a few pages into the "New CLs" thread karwood posted a bunch of pictures from the NM lookbook. The shoes in my avatar are the Eugenie, I think the 160 height.
  7. I think that link that Jet posted was alllllllllll of the new spring styles - someone correct me if I'm wrong. I've seen a pale lavender color of something - I think it's the new simples but who knows. After awhile they all start to blend together! My guess is if you copy and paste a picture from that link that Jet sent that one of our brilliant ladies (i.e. Laureen cuz she is a walking CL encyclopedia) would be able to tell you the name of it!
  8. Thx tried that Buzzy and it won't paste in - I can only describe it as above (a couple of my posts up). Thanks Laureen - I want your brain and one day I swear I will get it LOL

    Oh and those Eugenies, divineness - are they yours? If so, I am actually going to fly to the US and steal your identity LOL (that includes brain)
  9. ^^I wish they were mine! Perhaps someday...
  10. Be aware if they come to you someday, I will be lurking in a bush somewhere LOL
  11. LOL, Lady Vee, you are always cracking me up!
  12. I saw lots of lime/yellow, bubblegum pink, light/turquoise blue, some leopard, and tons and tons of PYTHON.

    I picked up one of the new styles, but haven't taken photos yet. I'll try to get those up tonight or tomorrow.
  13. they have some new styles at selfridges already! not very many (so typical) but they had some! but of course now i can't even think of what they were. but rest assured the new stuff is in the UK!
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