New Season Chanel Styles

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  1. I just saw these today in Manchester and am IN LOVE! the smaller one is considerably larger than a mini square and I think it was around 1950 and the larger was quite big (I'm going to call for dimensions I think) at 2350. Matte caviar leather, the chain strap is similar/the same as the boy bag and the inside is compartmentalised. I got the style codes.. Will add tomorrow but I just wanted to post this to see if anyone has seen them yet. I'm travelling through Heathrow again in August and am so tempted by the larger of the 2 .. Bought my first Chanel in January (mini square) and thought that would "do" as I can't justify the iconic prices but at Heathrow the larger of the two would come in at around 1900 and is a bit of a modern twist on a classic.


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  2. Love them both!
  3. I like them both
  4. This is the Rock in Rome bag.....
  5. I haven't seen it in person but there are several reveals of the larger one on YouTube.
  6. Tried it in in store and it's a really nice casual bag light weight with sturdy leather. A bit more low key than the classics. All at a great price (for chanel).

    Few points I would note to share for your consideration when u try it on:
    • Strap is short so meant for shoulder carry not crossbody
    • It's comparatively more boxy so it sticks out a bit againot body, but in turn gives more storage
    Good luck and have fun shopping!
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  7. thank you so much!!! that's been so useful in finding more info online!!
  8. I wonder how long toe strap is compared to the mini square.. I can wear that crossbody but I know it doesn't work for everyone. The boxy style might be the real no no there. I love the style so much, the perfect iconic/boy hybrid!!
  9. I think it's a bit shorter than the strap on mini square. Best to try on if interested. I saw them at all the stores near me. Boxiness/sticking put too much against my body was the deal breaker for me too. Same reason I passed on the ever popular trapezio too. It sticks I it too awkwardly against my body but loved everything else about it.
  10. I think the only thing I'm not sure about (other than the strap length) is the chain sticking out from the sides of the bag..
  11. The only reason it feels boxy is because the bag is taller than others; but it's not a hard or stiff bag compared to the Trapezio where the leather and the design are really stiff and almost hard against the body. I haven't found the chains on the side to be a problem either, but some have said it twists?

    I love cross body bags but decided to get one that was a shoulder carry. I love the leather and the look of this bag for the price esp.
  12. The bag looks great in the pics. I would love more information, dims etc...
  13. You're definitely right that this bag is not rigid than the trapezio bag, and seriously a great casual shoulder bag option with a cool vibe. I would prefer the leather on this bag vs. trapezio too. it's still soft while sturdy whereas the trapezio's leather feels a bit "plastic-like". Really liked the way the trapezio looked on photos until I saw them in person, it was a hard pass for me, which is a shame because the burgundy color against that antique gold chain was so on point. oh well.
  14. Does anyone know the price of this is US dollars? Please and thank you.
  15. 3100 big and 2800 small ..... Just ordered the big one ...waiting for her to come !!!!
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