New season bags on net-a-porter

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  1. Wow, that hobo is enormous! It'd be down to my ankles!
    Thanks for posting this, it really helps to get the size of these bags into perspective.
    The tote is lovely, can see you with one of those!! Not that I'm enabling, of course.
  2. ooh- will dash off and have a look. Why can't mulberry do modelling pics like this. The lookbook is ok i suppose but i still prefer how 'my-wardrobe' and NAP do their on-line shop!
  3. Me, too :shame:

    But I'm just struggling with colours. I adore the turq but it's too similar to Milton (I mean, it's not, of course, but I can't have 2 turq messengers); the white would be ideal but I don't want patent; LOVING the oak but am worried about colour transfer. Black is an option, funnily enough.

    Am toe-tapping waiting for Maggie, but I don't think she's even been despatched yet :crybaby:
  4. omg i LOVE the mitzy tote!!!!!!!!! i think i even prefer it to the messenger, because you can wear it both handheld and if you want to use it as a messenger, it has a zip!! (unlike the mitzy messenger)

    aaaaah can't wait for the june sales already! :P
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    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Though it's small diff, NaP price is cheaper than Mulberry - as if Mulberry is still calculating VAT as 17.5%.
    Mmmm add to the confusion, JulesB price is the same as Mulberry.
  6. This is so frustrating. I never get to the NAP UK site, they always redirect to NAP USA and that is totally different!
  7. You can change it and go on to the UK site
  8. Yes, but when I want to see the next page, I get USA again!!:Push:
  9. The mitzy tote is such a cute colour! cant wait for modelling pics from our TPF girls!
  10. off to have a look...
  11. Wow, that Mitzy Hobo is huge!!! But I do think it's gorgeous!!:drool::drool:
  12. I'm dreadfully tempted by the turquoise Mitzy pouch on Net-a-porter. It appears to be a full 11 British pounds cheaper than's, and there's free shipping to Australia on until Jan 25. However, the colour seems very impractical. Do you think so too?
  13. Hi ClaireL, if you hop onto Flossie's thread she maybe able to answer this for you as she has just bought the Mitzy Messenger in Turquoise :smile: