New Seamless Zip Tote

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Big BV fan. But have been hesitant about buying more of their stuff after my Veneta in Pompeii got stained simply by rubbing against my black t-shirt. 5th Ave store tried removing the stain, and reweaving the bag, but ended up just replacing it with a new one. Since then I've been seeing many BV bags that I liked, but wasn't rushing to buy (along with the fact that they always can be found on sale unlike LV). But few weeks ago I really fell in love with the new Platino Ossidato bags, with braided handles. Purchased it, only to be disappointed with its shape after I put only a few things into it. So I exchanged it for one of these but in Ebano. A more practical color, obviously. Now, the question: is there any way to waterproof this bag, so that I wouldn't worry about being caught in the rain?
  2. Always on sale?? Did not know BV boutiques run sales all year round? Hmm... perhaps I should pay NYC a visit!! :tup::yahoo::nuts:
  3. I just had this bag in my hands today and if it hadn`t been black which I don`t wear at all, I would have been seriously tempted. It has the perfect shape and size!

    But there`s now way you could "waterproof" the bag, meaning you could actually put it in water and it would still come out with a dry interior. But so far, I`ve been caught once or twice in heavy rain and literally nothing happened to my tote, so I wouldn`t worry about that issue too much!
  4. Congrats on the new seamless zip tote. It is gorgeous and looks very versatile with both the shoulder strap and handles.
  5. I know it sounds crazy, but I wish BV never went on sale (to preserve exclusivity). Sometimes I think BV has too many seasonal items and instead should focus on its classic, icon bags. I too try to hold out for the sale - it is such a bummer when you buy at full retail and the item gets discounted, and such a bummer when you wait till the sale and find out that it's sold out. Much easier never to have a sale really (as in Japan)! That said, all my BV items to date are discounted items! :s
  6. Hm, really??? That's good news, although I know that my Veneta experienced a few raindrops, which never went away. Strange.

    It's not crazy at all, Minda. That's what I've always loved about LV. You'll never see it on sale or on Bluefly. And on top of all it'll only continue going up in price. Chanel too, though some items are possible to catch at a discount. BV, however, always ends up going on sale. BUT ... it is very special and one of a kind :smile:
  7. I spray AppleGarde rain protectant on my nappa, suede, and nappa umbria bags. BV would have my head for this, i'm sure, but in Seattle it is necessary. I've had a few BVs in the rain and have not had a problem. I always carry a little piece of cotton towel inside my bag on rainy days. You want to get the water off right away.
  8. At all?! I'm very impressed Claus... I find that wearing anything OTHER than black is a lot of work!

    Oh, and LUXBLV - I love the tote, in any colour!!
  9. luxblv,
    very pretty bag! congrats!
    can we have some model pics please?
  10. ^^ Totally agree with BM! I don't know how you can live without black in ya wardrobe. I'm guilty of wearing only black/ white/ greys :shame:

    Back on topic, I :heart: that tote! It looks soooo easy to wear with anything, and most importantly, it's a good size too. Modelling pics!
  11. ^Well, actually some of my shoes and a scarf or two are black, but I don`t have any single black piece when it comes to clothing or bags. I just think it`s too severe and harsh on myself, although I do love it on others, so I stick to dark blues, browns and greys or more popping colours!

    Sorry to hijack your thread, LUXBLV
  12. Luxblv, the tote is beautiful...enjoy! Color transfer can be a problem both ways...bag to clothes; clothes to bag anytime you deal with a dark unstable color next to a light color. I live in the mid atlantic region where we have lots of lousy weather and I don't treat my bags. I was cautioned by a BV rep not to. She explained that the unfinished edges of the woven strips are very susceptible to absorbing chemicals. C_24, you mean there are colors other than black?? :smile:
  13. Before spraying the bag with AppleGarde or after?
  14. Have you ever been caught in the rain with it? It's interesting that I'm reading here that people have had no probs with the bag getting wet and my experience was just the opposite. I'd love to carry the bag without having to worry whether it'll rain or not. And I usually do, only not BV lol
  15. Thanks, everyone, for replying. I'm in the midst of renovations in my apartment and will gladly post photos next week, once everything is back to normal.