NEW scribble vs. OLD scribble?!

  1. anyone have any opinions of the new vs. old scribbles?
    i've been spending ALL this time looking for nice old style scribbles
    should i just save instead and spend on the new ones!!
    now i'm kinda torn =(

    what do you guys think? =)
  2. i like last years better. the year before THAT was the one with the primary colors, right? i prefer the pastels, but not overly fond of this years.

    ...but i guess if you're indifferent, buy a brand new one.
  3. The first year had bright bold colors. The second year was pastel, light colors. And this years is a mixture of both, bright and light. I have both 05 and 06 scribble lines. And I'm planning on getting this years.
  4. I like the first two (05 and 06). At first I didn't like the first year's, but this year it has grown on me. I'm still not sure about this year because the colors are a little off for me to coordinate anything with and I don't want to look too busy. :shrugs:
  5. i really liked last years
  6. i like the very first scribble, colours were loud and strong, didn't like it when i first saw it but now after seeing all the 3 seasons scribble, the first season is still to my liking.
  7. totally agree.
  8. The 2005 is my favorite scribble...and more specifically...I liked the scribble STITCH!
  9. Personally I am not a fan of anyone them. If I had to choose, I would go with the light scribble. I am dissapointed in that fabric. I purchased and then sold the scarf print (the one with blues, browns); not because I did not LOVE the colors, but because it was too hard for me to keep clean. That is why I am shying away from the scribble as well.
  10. I really like the sribble but only if the bags where black not white.
  11. I personally like last years... the colors just seemed a bit more subtle and... grown up? Is that horrible?? *Please don't hate me scribble lovers!!* It just seemed that last years is the only one that I could pull off...:shrugs:

    Maybe the bright ones would make a good beach bag or something?? If I HAD to choose between the first year and this new line... I probably would pick the new ones... Just my opinion... scribble is not for everyone, but is perfect for some!!
  12. i personally am not a fan of scribbles, but the last yr ones are ok
  13. I liked last year's the most. :yes:
  14. I vote for last years.
  15. I like the first year scribbles but I am not a pastel kind of person. Dont like this years scribble at all. Waaaaay to busy and I dont like the patterns in it.