New Scarves?

  1. From memory, the new season is usually released around May/June. Am I right?

    I am OVER the current collection....I want NEW SCARVES to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Me too!! But I don't have any info yet . . .
  3. I am not looking, touching, trying on... ANY new scarves.....
  4. Rose::flowers: I am waiting to looking, touching, trying on... all new scarves..... :devil: :nuts: :p
  5. Oh, Rose - I so don't believe you!
  6. ^^^ Not even going to sniff them!
  7. Waiting for the New York one....................

    But, I did manage to find an oldie but a goodie in my store. Cheval fleuri. That was a pattern I've wanted and was surprised to find one still in my store. Love that scarf!
  8. I will have to make an exception for the NY one :p
  9. I agree, love that pattern too. We just saw one at NM's today, it's actually a mousse! Very pretty.
  10. Yes, that mousse was TDF

  11. I don't believe you...nothing today...not a one...not even a "Can I look at that one, please?"
  12. ^^^ Today yes....... but from tomorrow... I am going to be a good girl.
  13. ^^ See, I am much more pragmatic. That's why I just don't make this kind of promises. :p
  14. Don't you have an grail scarf to get yet in the Instructions pattern?:graucho::graucho:;);)
  15. Smart girl there.....honest about the H addiction....