New Scarves!!! New Prices???

  1. Went to SCP H store yesterday and today. I am still waiting on the Black Togo 37 Bolide (but that's another thread). Yesterday I bought the LE MORS "A LA CONETABLE" pocket square for $100. I think this is the same price as "before." Today I bought JUNGLE LOVE and the NEW ORLEANS themed scarf. Both were $320 each. I think this is the same price as well.
    IMG_0557.jpg IMG_0558.jpg IMG_0559.jpg IMG_0560.jpg IMG_0561.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!!! Oooh is that a new design in pochettes? :drool:
  3. Wierd that SCP still has old prices
    GORGEOUS goodies!
  4. Weird about the prices.

    They haven't had a New Orleans in the Gulf Coast area in AGES. Did they have any more at SCP, 2muchlux?
  5. :biggrin: I love the ones with the leopards(or is it cougars?)
  6. I think that's from 2004? I wonder if they re-issued it? Do they re-issue pochettes? :shrugs:
  7. crochetbella: I don't know if its new or not. It was a very springy color and I hadn't seen it before but I can't say for sure.

    gga: Yes I know they had at least one other in the navy background as oppossed to black and also a lighter colored one. The navy was nice but the lighter colored didn't allow the design to stand out as much.

    ladystara: I think leopards.
  8. Thank you, 2muchlux. I'll call them ASAP. Navy would be just gorgeous, I think.
  9. I bought a navy for my mother-in-law (from my father-in-law) for Valentine's Day. You are right. Its beautiful! A bit more summery.
  10. gga - Sam was the SA that helped me and he is there right now.
  11. Just beautiful!!! That NEW ORLEANS design is absolutely stunning!