New Scarves from july 1st + amarante

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  1. New scarf released on July


    Close up


    It's called Sweet Flower scarf
  2. [​IMG]

    Umbrella in Amarante. =P
  3. Cute! Love the scarf.
  4. [​IMG]

    Men's stole.

    What do you think?? :confused1:
  5. ^^ Hmm i don't know about that mens scarf nice brown though
    I can't wait too see the new stuff.
    Thanks for the info :yes:
  6. cute scarf, thanks for the info.
  7. Thanks - I love to see pics!
  8. Thanks for posting Liberte, I like the Sweet Flower scarf, I wish they would make some larger squares
  9. cute scarf!
  10. I am madly in love with the design of that scarf!!! :love:
  11. the scarf is so pretty
  12. there's too much going on in that Sweet Flower scarf. but that's just me. i don't mind the men's stole though.
  13. oooh i love that scarf, if there was a bandeau similar i'd get it.
  14. I'm not a fan of that scarf or stole...
  15. That's what I initially thought too, I don't like it. But I think it might work when it's tied, scarves usually aren't that noticeable and dominating if tied right.

    I think the stole's ok, but it's not for me.