New scarves and sexy smells

  1. I just had to share with you ladies, I visted a lovely boutique today (a rare occurance for me due to geography) and tried on several scarves and eventually bought one (Mexican Belles in the fushia-ish c/w). Of course in the store I tried out several scarves and when I got home I sat and played with my new one for a while. DH gave me an X and O when he got home and said, "Yumm, you smell really good, very sexy." I laughed and said it must be the smell of money and leather, but then I realized that it must have been a perfume from the shop. I guess next time I'm in one I shall have to check out the aphrodisiacs, umm, I mean, fragrances!
  2. I just bought Mexican Belles in Mousseline - I love it! Can you post a picture of yours? I haven't seen that colorway. Was the fragrance Kelly Caleche?
  3. Congrats on the new scarf Ms_Jade, I'll bet that color looks wonderful on you!! Post pics when you get time.
  4. Sounds perfect!
  5. I have no idea what the fragrance was, but I shall have to figure it out! I will indeed post pics at some point, it is a lovely scarf, very fun and lots of great colors. :heart:
  6. Jade - you can probably get samples from Sephora (if there is one near you) they carry a lot of the Hermes colognes. Next time you buy a scarf, ask for some. When DH bought my first shawl the SA threw in several large samples - unfortunately I'm not much of a perfume gal.
  7. Congratulations on your Belles scarf!!!!! I recommend trying the hermessence collection!! I travel with the samples (they are in glass and substantial) and they are wonderful!!! the collection is six fragrances and only sold in the H stores.
  8. is the new Brin de reglisse (sp?) oart of the collection?
  9. Just wanted to chime in with my congrats as well on the new scarf. Enjoy!

    Also, I wanted to second Encore Hermes on searching for the Hermessence Collection. Ambre Narguille is my favorite. It smells so yummy that I want to eat my arm.
  10. Yes, Brin de Reglisse is part of the Hermessence collection (and a lovely scent, I think)....