New Scarlett

  1. I'm just sharing here:heart:---I got my first Scarlett today and it is lovely! I am going to have fun swinging this baby around!! It's a nice break from all the huge bags I've been buying lately. Now the only problem is I think she might need some sisters......
  2. congrats! what color is yours? ( i have a cream one).
  3. Thanks savvydoc! it's a brown floral embossed one which probably wouldn't have been my first choice but I love it nontheless! Do you use your cream one often?
  4. i've taken mine out 3 times. i am a little worried about getting it dirty. but now that i have 3 other koobas i am rotating them!
  5. That does seem to be a worry among cream kooba carryers!
  6. Congrats Posk!! You sure are getting a nice Kooba collection going there.:tup:
  7. Congrats Posk! I like the Scarlett. It's a bit too small for me, but a really nice bag.
  8. Sounds like a great addition to your ever growing collection of Koobas Posk. CONGRATULATIONS!
  9. She will definitely need some sisters, congrats!:smile:
  10. Posk, do you have the Scarlett and the Sienna now? If so, how do you find the size of your Scarlett compared to the Sienna? Do you by any chance have a picture side by side?
  11. I do have both and I don't have a pic but I can get taht for you. The Scarlett is considerably smaller than Sienna. I would say just the basics. With maybe a
    small book sliding in there.

  12. Hey Mini--here are a couple pics--the second one the scarlett is actually inside the sienna. scarlett fits great over the shoulder as the straps are long. It's definately a keeper.
    2koobas.jpg 2k.jpg
  13. Cute!!!
  14. posk, thanks so much for posting pics. It's really useful for ladies who can't decide which to go for. I personally like big bags, so the Sienna size works best for me, but the Scarlett looks so cute. I just love your bourbon Sienna.
  15. Thanks Mini --I'm glad I could help in your decision! Anything for the Kooba Forum :wlae: