New Scarlett Dentelle Ad

  1. This is from Elle Collections its a 2 page ad and I've stitched them together so it looks a little odd but you get the idea

  2. yup, I saw it at my boutique today :drool: thanks!
  3. you saw the dentelle pochette? was it nicer in gold or silver? :smile:
  4. Thanks for the pic, Label!
  5. no lol, I meant that I saw the ad.... but I like gold, always gold :wlae:
  6. oh like the bag, don't care for the model.
  7. Has anyone seen this bag in person yet??? I am waitlisted for it!!!!
  8. totally agree
  9. anyone know how much that's going to be?
  10. I'm not a big fan of the model, but I think the romantic twist on Louis Vuitton is fun.
  11. I only saw it in person in the gold. I ordered it. I personally think that the gold would look better with the brown.
  12. I think it's like....1500$CAD? there are just sooo many things, can't recall, sorry :sad:
  13. I like the ad and the bag :heart: :nuts:
  14. Lovely.
  15. it looks awesome!