New Scarf

  1. I bought this scarf this Saturday after the shipment entered the downtown store in Toronto. Lucky me! It was the only one in the store.

    Does anyone know the name?

  2. I :heart: that scarf! I too would like to know the name:girlsigh: .
  3. Don't know the name but that's a gorgeous design!
  4. Sorry, I dont know the name as well.
    Your new scarf is so beautiful, though.
    Congrats and enjoy!!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Oooh, that is a pretty scarf!
  7. Congrats! That is sooo beautiful! I don't wear scarves but I would buy this just to look at it! lol!
  8. Thanks! They had so many accessories and beautiful shoes. I loved their selection at that store. They even had the clothing line. My usual store in Philadelphia is just not up to par.
  9. sooooooo pretty!
  10. Isnt the name on the paper tag? I think it is the etoiles scarf .
  11. WOW, that's gorgeous!!
  12. Didn't another fellow PF'er just get this scarf too?
  13. It is the Etoile. I am buying the bandeau version HOPEFULLY Thursday or the moment my store gets them in.
  14. Also congrats on the beautiful scarf, but it really sucks that the US seems to be the last to receive these valentine items.
  15. GORGEOUS scarf!!! I am really considering that so that I could turn it into a top!