new scarf?

  1. I love the Brides de Gala chopped up scarf from Hermes, but I was browsing through the site and they now have the un-chopped version. Are they bringing back the old design with new colors (like the Bolduc)? When were the originals designed, anyone know? I love the black/gold one!
  2. Brides de Gala first came out in 1957, reissued in 2001
  3. So are these leftovers from 2001, or are they new 2006 reissues?
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Agreed!
  6. Shu, these must be 2006 reissues, I've never seen these colorways before.
  7. They are gorgeous! I think the chopped up version you're talking about is called "en desordre" which is the one I just bought in the pale blue and creamy white color-way. If you're looking for the chopped up version, you might need to call your local H store and ask the SA to see if they have's really beautiful!!!!
  8. shopmom, I really like the "en desordre" one too. I almost got it in the turquoise and light blue, but I love your light blue/cream MUCH better! Now that I'm seeing the new 2006 reissues though, I want BOTH!! :lol:
  9. Well, I know THAT feeling! Today I'm supposed to go into San Fran to look at two scarves my SA put aside for me.....I need another one like a hole in the head! I'm liking that Boite Au Vol and I think it's because the colors are so bold.....
  10. Haha yes! I'm loving the scarves that are coming out, but I'm also in love with some vintage ones. This is gonna create biiiiiiiiiig trouble!