New scarf--what is the name?

  1. This is from the Hermes website. Unfortunately, I can't seem to copy in a picture of it flat.
    The design has decorated horses.

    I've been waiting for my first scarf and this may be it. I love the orange/blue combination!

  2. I think that might be the one with elephants on it . . . but not sure
  3. It´s the Marwari scarf. Don´t remember the full name though sorry!
  4. La danse du cheval Marwari

    Beautiful scarf!
  5. La Danse du Cheval Marwari.

    It's beautiful IRL!
  6. It's an Annie Faivre design. I have the blue and it's fantastic!
  7. ck, beautiful scarf. :smile:
    I hope you order it. :smile:
  8. The Marwari is the horse of the Moghol warriors ca 16-18th centures and it is distinguished by its ears that point one at each other

  9. marietouchet: That is some interesting info. I have to tell my mother this. She bought the cream CW.
  10. ck21 -- Since you're looking at the bright orange one, may I suggest you check out the hot pink one, too? I bought it a few weeks ago and the color is really amazing.
  11. It's a great looking scarf!
  12. I love it in this cw!:heart:


  13. I've got it in the hot pink colour but also love the teal green :love:.

  14. I agree, abbyroad. I had no intention of buying this scarf, but when I saw it in real life, I flipped. The fuchsia is drop dead gorgeous and the colors in the horse's headresses are so wonderful - they don't come through very well in the photos I've seen.