New scarf to share with you guys!

  1. Today dropped by for some casual looksee at my H store.

    Saw a scarf that I wanted to buy. :graucho:

    - Offered a 28 Black sellier GH by sa. I forgot the leather, I think she said epsom. I almost :wtf: :drool: :nuts: on the spot, but when my SA brought it out, it was too small for me. It made my hips look so much fatter as the bag looks so small! My sa giggled when I commented, the bad woman. :roflmfao: It was horrifying and a big wakeup call. Must do something about it, like stop sitting on my a** and surf tpf all day. Maybe I could instead stand and surf tpf all day?

    And it was very hard to open and access. Hope a 32 will be easier.

    - A 34cm BJ Lindy that she kindly let me try on for size, it was reserved by a customer. The DH likes BJ, but he don't seem to approve spending so much on a casual bag. Must conclude quickly before he mounts up courage to put his foot down. My heart tells me to get orange togo, anyway he likes orange too!

    - A small white/tolie Lindy for comparism. The size was cute, but I prefer the large one.

    - Saw a nice lady purchasing something, I really like her, and I think she likes me too. We shared a smile, checked each other out, she has a really nice aura and face. There was a good vibe. I was hoping she was from tpf but didn't want to sound too psycho and approach a stranger. Good trip.
  2. Did you get a scarf Lyanna?????
    I would love to see all those bags!!!
  3. Sounds like a fabulous trip to H! Orange togo or potiron would be hot! Really hot! Go for it!

    Now, let's see that scarf you are hiding from us!:graucho:
  4. Yup, I got a scarf.

    You know, I think I'm too impatient to play this teasing game.
  5. Cant wait to see it. love scarves, so does my BUDGET
  6. C'mon! :wlae:
  7. Okok, I shan't keep y'all waiting for too long.
  8. Oooh, Kelly en Calèche, right? Nice!
  9. Loony. you are right Kelly Caleche. btw, how do you type then hyphen ab ove the e?
    Come on Lyanna,
  10. MORE MORE MORE! It looks gorgeous so far, but we need MORE!
  11. Okok, it isn't often that I get a chance to titilate the forum, you know. :p

    Here it is, the Kelly scarf. Love it to bits.
    kellyscarf.jpg knottedview.jpg
  12. Wow! IT is so gorgeous! I absolutely love it! Congratulations!!!!!!
  13. Wow, your new scarf looks gorgeous. Congrats:heart: Do you think you might be able to post some modelling pics? i have been wondering about this scarf, and they look so different on the neck!!!:p
  14. BEAUTIFUL scarf, CONGRATULATIONS:tup::yahoo:
  15. WOW, it is beautiful! I love the gold and black....I'm picking up a scarf on Fri. and I might have to take a looksie at this one as well. Great addition!!