New Scarf Print Ergo - Spot Cleaning?

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  1. I tried to look here but can't find it. I know I can check on Coach's site though.

    Anyone have any luck getting tiny spots off the scarf print bags? I got one at Macy's Fri & didn't see a tiny spot until I got home. Might have to take it back. I called around and the other area stores were sold out.
  2. I've had the pink scarf print and the blue scarf print. They do get dirty fast, but I found them to be easy to clean. For little spots, I used the Tide To Go pen or a slightly damp cloth. I wouldn't rub too hard or you might lose that smooth satin look and get a little pilling. When the bags started to look a little grungy overall, my dry-cleaner could always get them looking like new again. Hope this helps.
  3. I'm sure this is not the answer you're looking for, but they told me mild soap and water would be best to clean it. Hope you get the spot out!
  4. I use baby wipes with my pink scarf hobo.
  5. Any specific type baby wipe? I know there is a specific type for vachetta leather. Any old wipe for scarf print? Thanks.
  6. I didn't know there was a special baby wipe to use on vachetta? Could somebody tell us which one it is please?
    I also picked up a scarf print tote at the outlet and was thinking of spraying it with fabric protector first.
    Has anybody treated their scarf print first? Does it help at all?
  7. *bump* I'm also curious about the questions fluffy asked. Fluffy, did you end up pre-treating your bag?
  8. This is a tough one because the fabric is so delicate.
  9. ^Right. The SA actually tried to talk me out of getting it for that reason, so I'm a little spooked. I haven't taken the tags off mine yet...