New scarf print and patchwork bags on COACH.COM!!!

  1. Just saw, they updated the coach website with scarf print and patchwork bags for those of you that have been waiting for them!!
  2. I wasn't so thrilled about the new patchwork bags... but this cosmetic case is really cute...
    [​IMG] :tup:
  3. What are everyone's opinions on the new line?
  4. I'm not feeling any of it really. :shrugs:
  5. def. not feeling it...
  6. Whew... thought I was the only one not feeling it! :sweatdrop:
  7. OMG!!!
    I Need the scarf print wrislet!
    I dont get paid til the 14th!!
  8. haha I was looking at Coach's website thinking "oh the girls are gonna hate me b/c I think the new line is horrible". But, now I know I'm not alone on this;) I really want something's been forever! Hopefully by PCE more will be out.
  9. Eh, the patchwork just gets worse and worse every season....
  10. I have a couple of their patchwork bags. I just got the most recent one at Macy's. I love it. I do not like this new one though. It looks to Easter Eggish for me. I like the Scarf print bags. The tote is pretty. I can see me wearing it. Although I like last year's much better. The colors were a lot nicer. But the blue isnt bad. (I sound very contradicting of myself, dont I?) :shame:
  11. Oooooo shopping day for me ...
    I have found some yummy things and my new wallet :yahoo:
    11734_d1.jpg patchwork.jpg sign stripe tote .jpg signa stripe zip around .jpg
  12. i feel like I'm cheating here...and I can't see it b/c I can't go on the website...but I didn't click the website so i'm not liable...i like the stripe tote in blue
  13. I like the patchwork..... I hated last years!
  14. They are running out of places to keep moving the stripe to. I imagine next seasons is going to be running diagonally acrosss the front. :wacko: The Scarf print doesn't look as blended as the first few years. Something about that color combo seems off. It's probably that beige color that is taking it away for me. This just means that I can save my money for a little longer. :p
  15. umm yeah I really, really don't love it. Kinda disappointed now. I do love the tattersall as a lining and now that they are producing a bag soon...that will make me happy for summer. The tote and accordian zip wallet are mine!! I never did like the patchwork and the stripe is just boring now. But, the upside is that it makes my ban so much easier to bear. Now, if only I can stopped thinking about what may have been moved to the outlets....sigh