NEW SCARF [pictures]

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  1. As many of you know, I bought a Multicolore scarf, not knowing if it would be too feminine. Well, I got it, and it's AMAZING!!! Here are some pictures...
    Photo 35.jpg Photo 36.jpg
  2. wow, you can definitely pull it off :tup: congrats!
  3. "you see this bandana hangin that means im like a bandit, like like a bandit."

    lol. haha. congrats. sorry the pics made me think of that chris brown song. ahhhh i looooove chris brown!

    comgrats on the beautiful scarf!
  4. nice, congrats!
  5. love it ! congrats !
  6. Hello,

    Sorry to use your thread for another tangent,

    But I live in Asia and got two LV scarves for my birthday. It's the cashmere one in solid color.

    Problem is, it is quite short for a scarf but ...

    I don't know how to do it...tie a scarf (is that the correct term?). I don't know how to do it where the LV logo is shown...

    Can someone help?
  7. rockin' it like it's no body's business :tup: congrats!!!! =)
  8. Looking very hot, congrats!
  9. kool!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.