New Scarf Knotting Cards

  1. Is H now giving away a pack of Scarf Knotting Cards with every scarf purchase?
  2. I thought they were old, not new? I remember them from a few years ago; maybe they've been reintroduced? Which would be lovely because I'd like to get my hands on a set.

    And BTW at my stores you don't even get the how to tie a scarf book unless you ask for it AND you're lucky. Feh. I guess they just have way too many people asking for them.
  3. I got a set of the cards with my scarf purchase back in August. I don't know if it's new or now, but it's very cute!
  4. Lucky!!!
  5. I asked at my store and was told they didn't have them yet. That made me think they are something new. Sometimes its hard to tell with H.
  6. I got mine with my last Scarf Purchase which was only a couple of weeks back.
  7. I didnt get any scarf cards when I bought my first scarf a month ago at T2, well didnt know of such existence then. Got my 2nd one 2 weeks ago at Liat and this time I asked and was told they were all out. No how to tie a scarf book either. :shrugs:
  8. I did get them a couple of weeks ago while buying a new scarf. they are really special :heart:
  9. My sister, mum and I bought 10 scarves between us at the 24 Faubourg store and were given only one set of cards. Had to ask for a second set!
  10. I just got them this week i think they are relatively new .. they are great used one of their knot tricks today !
  11. Not sure if they will give ONE set to every customer but your store should give you one. And yes, it's new!
  12. Do the cards have knots that are not shown in the how to tie a scarf book?

  13. You're right, Cyn...they're not new as such, just reintroduced. I have the exact pack they are giving out now from a few years ago. The new pack box is slightly different, but the cards inside are the same.
  14. I would love a set. Maybe we can play scarf knot card poker or "go fish"......
  15. I have all versions of the booklets (hardcover and softcover ones) and the cards have the same knots that are in those books, CK.