new scarf I got

  1. just picked this up on an off eBay transaction.

    no care tag or copyright.

    I am wondering if its a first edition?

    it feels very stiff. hems are nice and plump
    scarf.jpg scarf5.jpg scarf6.jpg
  2. and some more
    scarf1.jpg scarf2.jpg scarf4.jpg
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the envelope would seem to imply that it's quite vintage. My guess would be first edition, but I am sure someone with lots more scarf knowledge will be along soon :smile:
  4. scarf3.jpg
  5. and the lines match the envelop perfect. its got a Hermes ribbon threaded thru the hole too.

    I hope its not a fake. no care tags, etc but I know those were not on old scarves. feels really stiff but if its old.....then that would make sense.
  6. How about the hems? Look good?
  7. yeah nice an pump.

    MODS, can you change the title of this thread to something a little more eloquent. shoot. I just blurted something out there.
  8. Congrats GG...... Seton is your girl, PM her, she is so great with this.
  9. where has hello been? she knows everything!
  10. or DQ?
  11. Can you post a closeup of the hem on both the right and wrong sides? That is usually the dead giveaway--but not always, as plenty of fakes have hand stitched hems too.
    But to me your pattern looks good, it's crisp and clear and not shoddy looking; and the silk itself looks good too.
    Again though I am no expert at all.
  12. what do you mean the right and wrong sides?

    do you want corner shots?
  13. well, Hello or DQ aint here so I guess I will have to do :smile:

    Congrats, you got a beautiful authentic rare hermes scarf.

    I used to have a L'Ocean (this was during my I must have all of LeDoux's designs phase) and yours look like i remember it. It should not have a copyright; never seen a L'Ocean with a copyright.

    The bag looks in keeping with the time period. Everything looks good including the fine lines of the screening itself, the colors, the way the Hermes signature is, etc
  14. Yeah, I was curious about the way the hems look close up--whether they are rolled inwards (correctly), and if you can see the hand stitching on the reverse side.

    Yay, I just saw Seton's post! Glad it's a for-real-one!
  15. It's lovely!