New Scarf Gossip

  1. There is a new size out and new material. It is approx 26/27 inches square and the most wonderful blend of 66% silk / 34% cashmere. They are lightweight and almost sheer but not as delicate as the mousseline. Priced at $305, they are GORGEOUS. I just bought my first one today. I think you need to ask about these as most of the SAs didn't know they were even in the store. They lay much better than the pochettes and yet have that airy romantic look about them that you don't get with the regular twill scarves.

    Also scarf rings are coming out in wood now and are gorgeous!

    This may not be news and if it isn't, I apologize.
  2. Ahh, I already knew this, but you're right Gaz, they ARE gorgeous!!!!!!!!! So soft....and the wood rings are lovely, but the best thing is the little velvet pouch they come in!!!!!!!!!!
  3. woo, fun. Thanks for the info. What are these new ones called?
  4. I can't believe I don't know this, but what size were the silk/cashmere scarves before?

    My Jardin Turkmene scarf is silk cashmere, very light, but tinier than my twill.....
  5. Pics!!!!!!
  6. hang on......

    OK, ballet equestre and cherrywood chain d'ancre:
    chaineancrewood.JPG Equestrianballetscarf.JPG
  7. I have seen them too, they are lovely. What are they called?
  8. Are these new? I have one, Zingaro, in the dimensions and material described and Shopmom has the same one but in a diff colour. I bought mine last yr and there were a few designs out, the only one I can remember apart from Zingaro of course, lol, is the Rivers of the World? Dunno what it's called exactly but it's got lots of different names of places or rivers all around the world, arranged in a square geometric pattern.
  9. Cashmere/silk comes in 55", 35" and now this smaller one.

    The mousseline comes in 55", 35" and 16" to my knowledge.
  10. Gazoo, mine is 70x70cm which is about 27". Wait, lemme grab a pic.
  11. Woohooo, another little something to collect!!!!!!!
  12. Great news! thanks Gazoo
  13. Cool..then the Jardin Turkmene is this "new" size. I agree oon the lightness of it. The weave is very well done....
  14. I am super excited about it because the Mousseline is so delicate and the Silk Twill is so thick that it doesn't drape as well as I'd like. I like that 'flutter in the breeze' that one gets with a sheerer piece.

    Also, the length is just perfect to knot around the neck and go. The ends don't cover the bosoms, but just fall right above them. (My husband noted this! :graucho: )
  15. Now, I was thinking this would be the perfect scarf and Hermes read my mind. thanks for letting me know, something to ask for when i go to H next month