New Scarf - de Passage Tokyo *PICS*

  1. Heya Ladies,

    I just came back from Hermes in Amsterdam and picked up this scarf:




    I had the Red Berries Scarf on hold but when I looked at the two side-by-side I really preferred this. It was the only one the store ordered!

    I spent an hour in there - in that time not one other customer came into the store so I had it all to myself. The SA bought out a Black Croc. Birkin (30), a Black Ostrich Birkin (30) a Black Togo Birkin (40) and a Gold Clemence Birkin (35) - all with Palladium hardware for me to play with. The Ostrich was for sale but the other two were already spoken for (she bought them out as she knew I wasn't going to want to buy this stage!). Also played with a HUGE Kelly, Plume, Bolide and scored a small bottle of "Un Jardin Sur le Nil" perfume and matching body lotion (for free).

    The SA also put me down on the mid-year Podium for a Gold Birkin (35), still can't decide on the leather (Clemence or Togo). She also mentioned that during the Feb. Podium that stores have a small quota of orders that they can indicate as "Rush Orders" and that my Black Birkin was included in this. I've never heard of this (but H is still VERY new to me) so not sure exactly how this is possible.

    I took along a packet of Tim Tams for her and her colleagues for morning Tea. About 5 minutes after I left I got a call on my mobile from her saying how wonderful they are and that they ate them within about two minutes.

    Had a great morning!:yes:
  2. I love the scarf! Beautiful. Sounds like you had a great to try some Tim Tams.....
  3. How fun, Cal!!!:yahoo: Sounds like they REALLY LIKE YOU at that store!!!!:wlae: It's so fun when a store treats you like family. BTW, yes, there is such a thing as "Rush order" on the podium orders. I believe it gets put in with regular store inventory for the next season. It's done for really good customers because it means the slot goes to you instead of regular inventory...............or so I was led to believe.
  4. I love it!!!! Congrats Cal!
  5. my favourite scarf!!!!
  6. This is a truly gorgeous scarf! does anyone know if it comes in other colors?
  7. I love that scarf.
  8. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  9. Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your new scarf!
  10. Wow, that is a beautiful design!! The color combination is gorgeous!
  11. ^^^Beautiful, and to see IRL with the berries scarf, What a special treat!

    Congratulations, and can't wait to see modeling pics!!:yahoo:
  12. Thanks ladies, I really love it. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also played around with the new Flat Kelly - they had a Vermillion Swift (think it was swift) and it was lovely, but not as lovely as the original Kelly.
  13. Wow, that's a beautiful scarf. I'll get that for my moms birthday. I hope she'll let me borrow it :graucho:
  14. Breath-takingly beautiful. Congratulations! Do i get to see it IRL at some point?

    Oooh, TimTams as a pressie for H staff! I bet they can't scoff a box as fast as I can though. And guess what, found the "share packs" in one of the grocery stores here.
  15. Beautiful choice Cal!
    And what fun you had!!