New Scarf Booklet is out...

  1. Just thought I'd let you all know!:tup:
  2. Is that the one with all the scarves we've already bought or a newer, new one? :p
  3. The one with the scarves from the current season. The booklet seems to be almost a season behind, now they've changed the format - ugh!!
  4. I wish they would start catching up with us. These booklets are coming out months after we've already seen the scarves.
  5. I wish the same thing too. It would be so much easier to have a reference in our hands, and using it as a catalogue to make our choices and purchases.
  6. It used to come out before the scarves...then they changed printers...ugh...
  7. Darn. I've recently become re-enamoured with scarves, and it'd be nice to have a reference.
  8. Well, HELL! I just spent a bloody fortune in my store and do you THINK they threw a booklet in? Maybe they didn't have them yet......ok.......I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.......since they actually HAD a little something else for me for a change.......
  9. ooh going in today. hopefully i can pick one up!
  10. :nuts: spill it s'mom....
  11. When I got last season's scarf booklet, I found a scarf in there that I loved, and my SA told me they were all sold out of that style already.... It would be nice if they could be current, at the very least.
  12. I got mine about a month ago, but assumed it was late because the scarves were already being sold.

    Then my son ate it.

    Anyhoo, anyone see the new gorgeous Lozonge scarves??? Hubba, Hubba!!!!
  13. Cal, I know the new Birkin is due soon, but your son does need to be fed you know.

  14. Front and back:
    Front and Back.jpg
  15. 1/2