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  1. A couple of days ago, I discovered that my credit card information had been stolen. the thief used my card to buy a couple of Fendi bags and a diamond watch from Neiman Marcus. I feel it's quite likely they are now going to hawk thoese items on ebay, which burns me.

    So even if a bag you're considering looks real, really think about the buyer and their credibility - otherwise you may unwittingly be supporting fraud. if a person is selling a bunch of crap and then a designer bag, ask lots of questions. I guess there's no way to be sure, but I just want people to be aware that this is happening.:cursing:
  2. Wow, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm always afraid that I'll be a victim of identity theft, and although I know how convenient paypal is, sometimes I really hate it. I wish you the best. Please post an update.
  3. SO SORRY TO HEAR THIS! So upset for you! I'm so glad I got rid of Paypal!
  4. guys, i do not think it happened through paypal! because this is a credit card i got recently, and i don't even think i've linked it to paypal. i believe this happened through buying something on an insecure website, or someone in a store where i've bought something stealing my info. i really can't figure out how they got it.

    thanks for your concern! and be careful what internet sites you give your info to!
  5. I saw something on the news a few weeks ago. Some guy that worked at a restaurant ~ he was the cashier~ he had some device where when you gave your credit card to pay he would swipe the person's credit card quickly on his own device that steals your credit card info and you wouldn't realize this. It's very sneaky!
  6. I am really surprised that they were able to get away with it at Neiman's, they are so strict and overly zealous with their credit card acceptance!!!!!
  7. oh, let me tell you about Neimans. when I called them about the first, $1600 charge, they said, 'oh, there is a note in here about possible fraud, because the items were shipped to an address that doesn't correspond to the billing address.' so i'm like, 'then why did you sell it to them?' ... then, one day later, there was another $800 charge, at Neimans, for another identical fendi bag, to the same address that's not mine, THAT THEY ACCEPTED AGAIN!

    no, the people at Neimans seem to be idiots. and, btw, that is one of the few websites i have used with my card. not impossible that this is the site where the security breach happened in the first place.

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  8. whoa this is nuts. i hope this works out for u!!! ;/
  9. Hey Zeke. Sorry this happened to you. :sad: I was a victim of credit card fraud a few years ago... Apparently some guy went through people's mails and obtained their credit card information. :wtf: Thankfully, he was arrested before making any purchases with my card. I didn't even know this was happening until I received a notice from the SF city attorney office about this and how they found hundreds of credit card numbers and info on this guy's computer... Now I shred all my credit card statements after a few months and try not to buy things online unless it's a big reputable company. Saks seems to be OK, I will know to steer away from Neimans now.
  10. Wow, I cannot BELIEVE that Neiman's allowed to send merchandise to a different address more than once!

    All this credit card information stealing is scaring me...I've placed online orders before, but now it seems like I'll have to exercise caution on my ordering...
  11. It's not just Paypal, it's not just online shopping and it's not just some sneak at your local restaurant that can get your credit card information. Anyone, anywhere that has access to other people's private information can hit your accounts. Being paranoid about shopping online and/or using your credit cards leaves you with one option: shop bricks and mortar retail and only pay with folding money.

    Since none of us want to sit and chew our nails worrying about our identity being stolen or want to go back to paying in cash, the smartest things you can do for yourself are to check all your accounts (bank and credit cards) on at least a weekly basis. I check mine DAILY. Keep an eye on your credit report through the three credit reporting agencies.

    A little precautionary common sense will put your minds at ease. Sure, people will get scammed and ripped off, but if we don't watch our own accounts as closely as the scammers do, it's our own fault.

    End of sermon.

    That being said, I'm completely sympathetic to anyone that's been screwed by the lowlifes on this planet that are too damn sorry to earn their OWN MONEY AND STEAL OURS! :cursing:
  12. ^^^VERY WELL SAID PRADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!
  13. this really sucks.. sorry to hear what happened but you are right, ppl do pathetic behaviors using other ppl's money, they should go to jail for this... and to the stores that do not seem to mind who they are selling to, well, they shouldn't charge you for it.
  14. If I order something expensive on-line I almost always have it shipped to my work address so that they don't leave the package by my front door where it would be available for anyone to steal while I am at work. It's inconvenient for me when I have to go to Federal Express or the post office and sign for a package (usually I will have to drive quite a ways before I go to work).

    So I don't think it's uncommon for a package to be mailed to an address that is different than the billing address. I'm lucky that I work at a small business that doesn't mind me receiving my personal mail here. Peggy
  15. It's amazing how fast this can happen, and it very well may not have been related to anything you did online.

    My fiance was on a business trip and paid for his hotel room using a credit card. When tried to fill up his gas tank 4 hours later, the card wouldn't work. He called the credit card company shortly thereafter, and learned that his company Amex had been maxed out - somewhere in Singapore! :wtf: