...new satin clutch

  1. Here is a pic of a new satin clutch that just came in. What do you ladies think? (click on the picture to make it larger)
    satin clutch.jpg
  2. I want that!!!
  3. I like it. When I was looking for the navy distressed patent timeless clutch, and before you were able to find one for me, I talked to an SA at Saks in Florida who had this exact clutch and was trying to sell it to me. As I recall the price point was a lot higher on this one, yes?
  4. ..this one is $1650. I always try to post the price in the pic. The patent is $1750.
  5. Love it - very cute
  6. Oh yes, you did, didn't you. I'm embarrassed.:shame:

    So they make this clutch in patent?
  7. this is GORGEOUS! i love it!
  8. ...I'll try to enclose a pic of it. Personally, I like the satin.
  9. This is beautiful..love the huge "diamond" clasp!
    And I love your baby-superman too! Super-cute! :nuts:
  10. I didn't think I would, but I prefer the satin! It's gorgeous! Though $1650 for satin is a bit much...I guess you pay for that huge-ass clasp.
  11. i saw the one in black patent and I really like it too!! too bad I don't have any occasion I would use a clutch! But I love that diamond closure!! The satin one is nice too!
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool: It's gorgeous.
  13. yummy! love the focus point, BIG rock and Chanel.....can't get any better my friend.
  14. Wow, that's a beautiful clutch! They had an umbrella in the store here yesterday with that massive rock on it.

    I prefer the satin over the patent too, great bag! Congrats.
  15. WOW..so cute!