New satchels!

  1. Here's a picture of satchels that the SA emailed me when I called to inquire about a bag from the Legacy boutique. That was so nice of her to email me pictures. I thought I'd share this one with you girls since I hadn't seen this bag posted before.
    I believe she said it's exclusive to their store tho.
  2. Wow!! That was awesome that she emailed those to you!! I love satchels!!:smile:
  3. They had these last spring just in different colors. It's a really cute bag!
  4. wow, thanks for posting! i can't wait to see these IRL! :nuts:
  5. I love these! Especially the white/green!
  6. Thank you for posting! I can't believe she set you pictures what a nice SA!
  7. She's called the Ellie Satchel, exclusive to the Legacy Boutique. They were released in all leather when the Boutique opened in Oct 2007.

    Her hangtag in individually numbered, and I have her in Lime Green leather! She's a reproduction of an Original Bonnie Cashin design, which I also own. Yeah, lots of COACH bags for me...
  8. She really was!:tup: She was so pleasant and helpful. I was undecided on a color and she said , I'll email you a few pictures. What a nice SA!

  9. OHHH all leather lime green:love:. I would love pictures! Next to pink, I'm loving green!
    I was considering the green Bleecker duffle.
  10. I love this bag!!! I almost bought one in a teal color last fall but had to pass.
    The red is amazing!
  11. Did you post pics of this? I'd love to see it! I considered purchasing one but ended up passing and later fell in love with my Hampton's embossed stripe bag! I love the red pictured above!
  12. wow...very nice. I also love the RED. The turquoise/white is pretty too..:yes:
  13. oohh, coachgrl, please post pics of your Ellie and the original Bonnie Cashin:flowers:
  14. different... kinda looks like something an older "grandma" would use...

    just my opinion!
  15. i'm not loving all..sorry