New Satchel here and I see a flaw already...ACCCCCCK I look too hard...

  1. I have my Khacki and gold satchel about 3 hours and I looked it over carefully as I always do as I was admiring it, and one patch where the optic C's and canvas combo meet in the actual square patch, ends with the botoom C"s sort of unfinished if I can describe it and canvas off white shows like it could possible be ragged. Now would any of you be running back to the coach store with that? The bag retails for 458.00 so it had better be basically sound. it looks like the satin C's are unfinished and could possibly tear. The pebble if I get it dirty is me..But it is untouched. I think I will take it back to the store and just show it to them. But, they really have no other bags in stock until the 26th to compare it to or for me to take unless I order another from jax and that could have something too I would be looking at. I am just too picky that is so annoying to me that I do this. FYI, I was depating on the Indigo withe the jeans pocket which I have in the wristlet instead and the little Coach ticket inside specifically says this fabric is dyed denim and can rub off on white or light clothing . So for me that is not desirible and ladies keep this in mind for there is a jeans pocket on the ergo tote and this satchel. So guys, what do you think, run back to the store in a Lynn embarassing.EEEEEEK...???????
  2. You poor thing! It seems like you are having problems with every single one of your bags. Dang!
  3. yeah, i'd be running back to the store with that. you did much!! and i'm sorry to hear that you've been having problems with your bag. i mean, if you've have done this more than 5 times i think you'd be embarassed yourself (right?) but i'm sure they'd love to help you or even help you look over your bag with you the next time you buy it ;) well, it's only been 3 would be better for you to go back to the store and exchange it (just wait for the other one when it arrives) because it won't make you feel any better if it's not perfect to your standards. :smile:
  4. I am sorry that your bag is not perfect as it should be.
    Take it back to your Coach Boutique and have them order a new one for you. This is totally unacceptable in a new bag. You can also wait until the 26th when they have them in the stores and switch it out. I am disappointed now that you have said the denim bag rubs off on white and light colored clothing as I was thinking of getting a denim patchwork bag. I think I will just stick with the Patent Red Ergo Hobo.
  5. For that kind of money, it should be PERFECT! You should be totally happy with the bag, so I say "take it back!" and have them re-order it for you. Good luck & keep us informed!
  6. Yes, definitely take it back. If you don't, you'll continue to worry and won't be able to enjoy it.
  7. Okay Lynn, I need a happy Coach bag story from you sometime real soon!!!! You somehow seem to be cursed with all this bag trouble!!
    Glad the doggy is okay and fingers crossed that you get this satchel business resolved!!
  8. Takes some pics so we can see what's wrong with the bag.
  9. Lynn,
    As much as I am sure you don't want to go back with another return - you have good reason to if the bag is flawed. Do you feel as if you are going to get less than a warm welcome at the store???

    I go to the Aventura store -I could come as backup! ;)
  10. Aventura, I live in Boynton Beach, close really under an hour. Well, since I have the slim whiskey toA coach girl party. No I called them yesterday. I was flap undecided and the signature one too I am a bit embarrassed. I was not happy that you could see the ragged edges on this satchel print. I filled it up and it is not too heavy but that is for a few minutes not shopping and it is pretty easy to get on the shoulder or the hand. I like to keep the bags light. Seriously Florida ladies party at the mall....Boca? Galleria? Would be fun...yes, you return for
  11. I will take pics if i do not go back to the store this morning. First to check on doggie at hospital and then go to show them. I already called. There should not ba a C that is flawed..even patchwork. I may return it until the 27th until there are lots in stores to compare to. Careful of the denim since it transfers. Wonder why this years is that way and last years did not say that..Must be jean material..but could they not pre-wash it? Hard to believe...
  12. I do get some damaged ones and that is because I look too darn hard..and the other part is I lust after what you girls can carry that is heavy for me. I wish I could wear just one bag. If I stick to the boring hobos that are signature and accessorize them..and not just the new hot items..I am happy and fine. Don't we all just want one more thing..I am a fun, happy person usually. but Coach flaws are serious to me..and if I did not buy so many I would not be so confused,,just grab one brown one and one black one...2...can you all do that? lol
  13. I think I will return it and wait until the whole bunch of them come in on the 26th so I can really examine it in khacki and denim..although the denim transfer does not sound too exciting to me with summer clothes..bummer. I will let you all
  14. I am just getting tired of showing my face with a Coach bag in that store or the other for that matter. Do you ever not love something 24 hours after you get it. Darn good thing I keep my But he is a good guy, but he is staying away from my obsessions and critiques of the weights and flaws..He is totally
  15. I totally agree for it is going to be beautiful in the ergo or the satchel. And, I agree it should be perfect, I do not buy satchels that often for I hate to hand carry but I think this one is a classic in Khacki and will sell out fast..Thanks for your opinion. I wonder does that ergo tote you have the vintage look as big as the regular and does it scratch worse than the black. The two handles fall off my shoulder with the medium tote. Is it like legacy leather and heavy? Thanks!!!:heart: