New Sarah?

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  1. I've searched the forum for a picture of the new design but can't seem to find one. Does anyone have pictures of how they redesigned the wallet?
  2. This is the new sarah. I think they just removed the NM from the name. The original sarah had a straight line flap not envelope style. And it also did not have cc slots just inside the first flap. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393629095.659398.jpg
  3. I so love this wallet!
  4. I have the new sarah and I can`t find the code in the wallet, I remember a thread some days ago, where someone described how to find it, but I cannot find the thread anymore.
    Please help.
  5. I just purchased the new Mono Sarah at the Caesar's Forum shop this past weekend. I cannot find a date code in it anywhere. Bumping to see if anyone else is having this issue with the new Sarah wallets. I'm pretty new to LV and thought all items had date codes.
  6. I bought the same one two months ago at City Center!! Thankfully other TPFs were able to tell me where the date code was as the LV rep on the 866 number didn't even know...if you are looking at the wallet after opening the flap up, the date code is printed inside the very top right card slot on the outside of the wallet (not the interior card slots). I really had to pull it open to see it. Mine is printed in a silver lettering. Hope that helps!
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  7. I purchased my Sarah in epi fuschia last month at the flagship store off Champs elysees! I really wanted it to be MIF seeing it was kind of a souvenir but they had 1 left in fuschia and it was made in Spain :S The SA told me most wallets are now made in Spain ? (even the LV website photos show made in Spain). It doesn't bother me much anymore since I'm LOVING the wallet but just wondering if anybody has managed to get one MIF?