New Sandals I Bought

  1. Hey! Here are new sandals I bought this week. I really love that it compliments my gold Birkin. I have other Birkins in different colors - but there's something too cute about this combo. The sandals are very subtle; but are very chic at the same time. Here are pics:


  2. They are a great neutral. Are they suede?
  3. Very nice, Yasmin! :tup:
  4. pretty pretty!
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. thats cute
  7. Very chic!
  8. Very nice, Yasmin. :smile: And so is your Birkin as well. :smile:
  9. No, they're leather. Anyway, thanks guys! :smile:
  10. Cute!!! Now the modeling shots!!
  11. very pretty !
    I think this color make legs look longer.Love it!
  12. Great sandals, congratulations! Your Birkin looks beautiful as well.
  13. oh yeah, modelling pics please :yes:!

    they look fab, congrats!!
  14. Yasmin, i love your sandals :heart:, the heel height looks perfect for me!!! Love your Birkin aswell
  15. oooh these are beautiful .. are they current (still in H store?) I definitely want a pair!